November 30, 2011

and there was thanks

We had to borrow two chairs, six spoons, four forks and two dinner knives in order to gather twelve around the table.  Where does all of the silverware go?!  I knew it would be snug... but I also knew it would be lovely.  Family,  and friends who might as well be family, side by side... giving thanks and enjoying each other.  Turkey and all the fixings... including the parade that always makes me cry. 

We chat on into the evening... and end with candle light and conversation on the lanai... while the kids tackle games on the Wii.  

My list of thankful runs 'round in my head... and I know it is not just for this day. 
It is for every day. 

November 29, 2011

tuesday unwrapped... again

We sit across the room from each other while the t.v. blares, but neither of us is giving our full attention to the Cake Boss.  She plays a game on her ipod and I knit, and though we are not having a conversation or working on something together, we are.  Together

When she retreats to her room for jammies, I don't really expect her to return, but for a goodnight kiss.  I can feel my face smiling as she snuggles back down into the deep of the couch and returns to her game.  I think I might lose her when I retreat for my own jammies, but there she remains.  She even giggles when I call us the Jammie Girls

We sit together, but not.  Most nights she would be curled up for sleep by now... or on the verge of it, wrapped up in the pages of a far-off adventure.  But one reason or another, the rambling on of the Cake Boss or the comfort of the little couch, has kept her in the living parts of the house tonight.  When our half-attentions connect and we both laugh at the same line, I smile. 

Somewhere in the world of growing up, in the space between needing me and not, we find a little bit of friendship.  And more and more, I see who she is, and who she will be, instead of the wide-eyed girl she was just yesterday.  I realize that there is no ordinary day, no ordinary hour.  Every breath we navigate is new and unusual... and perhaps laced with the fear of the unknown.  So in this sitting together, but not... I find the gift.  I want to grasp it and hold it tight to my heart... for I know that in the blink of an eye, it will be time to let her fly. 

: :

Thank you, Emily, for this return to Tuesdays Unwrapped
When my heart was feeling stale, you pushed me to find a little bit of beauty... and I'm so glad not to have missed it.

November 22, 2011

this year

In past years I have sought it, and even though my heart has been thankful, I have come up empty handed.  So much so, that last year I came to the conclusion that the feeling of Thanksgiving, for me, is in the day.  In the parade and in the gathering.  But this year... oh, this year I am overflowing with the spirit of Thanksgiving, and have been all week. 
Perhaps it comes in the preparation.  The knowing that my table will be full and our home overflowing.   Perhaps it  comes in the creating.  The planning and the special touches that say I love you without the words. Or maybe... maybe it comes in the stillness.  The knowing that the whole week is ours, and there is hardly a place we have to be. 

Whatever the reason, I'm already full
Full of the anticipation. 
Full of love. 
Full... far ahead of Thursday and turkey.
Thankfulness abounds. 

November 13, 2011

oh, what a night

I'll take astro-turf over a red carpet any day...

Add in a balloon archway, spinning silks, and the rustle of silver poms... and I just might be over the moon.  The gold harvest moon that hung in the sky, proclaining the perfect night for fall, football, and marching band
I suppose that you can't really know how big a deal "Senior Night" is until it is your turn... your turn to walk your heart across the field.  We swung our clasped hands as we giggled across the field, and she sparkled.  A sparkle that had nothing to do with the tiara atop her head.  Oh, I cannot believe that senior year is here... and yet I am so ready to celebrate her and all that is coming her way. 

Shine on sweet girl... we are so amazed at the young woman you are, heart and soul.

November 10, 2011

and now i know

During one of the day's crazy conversations someone asked Is it a full moon?  I just laughed at her question... because I had no idea.  It seems weeks since I have peered up at the sky and drunk it into my soul.  But now I know.  Full moon, bright and shining... a night light like no other. 

I raced for the camera, wanting to capture the beauty of treasure hung high in the sky.  Standing there in the yard, in the quiet, in the beauty... I felt a calm.  He feeds me through the sky. Sunsets and white cotton stretched across a sea of bright crisp blue... or sunlight streaming through.  Dark morning sky still scattered with stars, or a glowing moon on the rise.  

Masterpiece of His heart, food for my soul.  

November 09, 2011

finding my way

She sits lonely, this blog...
while her author slowly, oh so slowly, finds her way back to her words. 

There is so much between the words and me... a thousand distractions turning up and untying the strings of words I somehow have brought together, all at once leaving them in a pile on the floor.  They are not lonely though... so many other things are keeping them company down there, scattered throughout the house.  If only I had the energy to do it all.  And in that I find the blessing of thankfulness... the gift of a husband who does so much to contribute to the workings of our home, even if can't right now. 

He is healing... slowly.  Is there any other way? 
Rest, rest, rest... over-do.  And the then cycle begins again.  We are thankful for that too... that any healing comes his way.  Very thankful that three broken vertebrae will heal.  So we continue this balancing act with a smile... managing the pain, forcing the resting, picking up the slack, making due with the situation of right now.   My heart and soul are weary, but even in this I see His plan and embrace it.  Prayers are answered and I am taken by surprise at how much He provides.  He has a great plan, one greater that we can even fathom.  I praise Him in this storm... and follow Him as he leads me on my way.
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