November 18, 2014

overwhelmed... for good.

The past several weeks have found me overwhelmed, by the big and the small.  I could see the end, I knew it would just take time... time I did not necessarily want to wish away. I held on, managed each task as it emerged {mine, or not} and I find myself here... overwhelmed, for good.

I see the work of Your Hands

Galaxies spin in a Heavenly dance oh God
All that You are is so overwhelming

I hear the sound of Your Voice
All at once it’s a gentle and thundering noise oh God
All that You are is so overwhelming

You are Glorious, You are Glorious
Oh God, there is no one more Glorious
You are Glorious, God you are the most Glorious

-Big Daddy Weave

His goal, reached. And others beginning to bloom, within reach.
Her dream, moving in the right direction, coming true, bit by bit. 

I find myself relieved and joyful and so amazed by my Great God.  I could not have made one of these things happen, but He has provided the opportunity and the means and the grace for them... and I am truly thankful and humbled by His goodness.

November 07, 2014

friday letters... the catching up {again} edition

coffee, and yes... i am painting nativities again.  you can find them under the "shop" tab!
Dear Friends,
It is mid-morning, I have warmed up my coffee, and am feeling thankful that I exercised this morning.  I didn't mean to let three weeks go by without doing that- especially with my "no excuses attitude"... but life.  Life.  Which is kind of the reason my 31 days series fell off, too.  But...

Dear 31 Days of Celebrating Ordinary,
I will not let you go unfinished, not again. I may not have been able to keep up 31 days in a row, but celebrating ordinary is what I do.  I will finish... even if takes all of November. {I know that is not how it is supposed to work, but my blog, my rules?!}

Dear Life,
I am slowly and gradually finding my way back from vacation mode, helping my husband welcome 14 marching bands to our high school, and the time change. {I must be getting old because this time change was hard... I was asleep by 7:30 three nights in a row!}  But vacation was wonderful, and so was the band competition!

Dear Chicago,
Thank you for saving the very best fall weather for our visit.  It could not have been any better, and it was what I had longed for! And you provided the perfect backdrop for a beautiful celebration.

Dear Amy &William,
Your weekend was... amazing.  Amazing.  You planned the perfect celebration of your life together and we were so honored to be a part of it.  Thank you for letting us help you prepare, and for not thinking we were in the way!  We loved it, truly.  It was wonderful catching up with your family, Amy, and it was so much fun to meet and get to know William's. And Drew?  Well... his quotable moments were fantastic!!!  It was so sweet to hear his love for both of you the morning of the wedding, telling Amy to aim for a bigger version of me, when you come down the aisle, and laugh over his statement that two days of parties were ridiculous!  Let me just say this, though... every moment of your time together was celebrated in your weekend of wedding festivities... and every moment is another page of your happily-ever-after story.  I have prayed for your happiness for so long, and God's yes is always one of my favorite sounds.

Dear Camden,
This is it... your last football game of high school.  I might blubber our way across the field tonight, or I might laugh and smile with joy.  My insides are undecided.  But this, I know... I will walk across that field in celebration of you and your hard work and there will be no one there who loves you more than me.

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