beauty seeking

The days slur together and it is tomorrow before I find the beauty of today.
I am out of practice. I forget to seek the beauty in the everyday… and I miss it desperately. It is somehow necessary for my soul, this beauty seeking, and my heart aches to reclaim it. Simply recognizing a moment is sometimes enough… but when I document it with words or capture it in motion, the beauty seeps right into my soul, and fills my heart. 
The way he knew to lean into me, and the love that filled me. The perfect shade of purple. The way her hair flips out from under her haphazardly tied bandana. Clouds that seems filled with liquid gold...
Beautiful bits come in all shapes and sizes, and this month, my goal is to return to the seeking... every day.

day three: beauty in the midst
day four: beauty of a dream
day five: beauty of...fog
day six: beauty is...
day eight: humble beauty
day nine: beauty is... brave
day eleven: beauty is...
day seventeen: beauty in reaching out
day eighteen: beauty in a tribute
day nineteen: beauty in rest
day twenty & twenty-on : beauty in marching on
day twenty-two: beauty & the beast
day twenty-three: beauty in what i see
day twenty-four: beauty in... making due
day twenty-five: beautiful anticipation
day twenty-six: a beautiful legacy
day twenty-seven: footsteps in beauty
day twenty-eight: beautiful friendship
day twenty-nine: beauty is...home
day thirty-one: beauty along the way

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Unknown said...

So much love you share. God Bless You. You touch my soul.

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