March 27, 2020

getting out...

 And into the forest I go,
to lose my mind and find my soul.
-John Muir

All of this staying home has been a growing experience. I have to say, I haven't minded it a much at all. Between conference calls and texting, I even feel like I have been in constant communication with my people. Our Zoo Crew texts up a storm, and the laughter brings us together when we have to stay away. This morning one coworker sent an email with his list of good mornings as if he were walking into the office and greeting each of us.

While working from home I have fit small projects {and naps} into my lunch hour... and tried to be productive during my commute time. It is as if I have won back two hours of my day, and I don't want to waste them or take those extra minutes for granted. I could get used to this...

And when afternoon comes, I escape the walls for the trails...
The sun warms me while the air refreshes my soul. And walking along, the sights entice me to look closer, pay attention, fall in love with God's creations over and over again.

March 25, 2020

some light advice...

The other day, my friend posted a few pictures from one of my favorite spots, and they spoke to my soul... so much so that I made a trip to one of her favorite spots so we could share and share alike. I love that our favorite spots are the same, though she lives there, and I am here... and we can be transported, along with all of our memories, with just a glance. That lighthouse... it brings me joy. She stands tall in the storm, and is beautiful, no matter the season.

Advice from a Lighthouse
-Stand Tall.
-Be shore of yourself.
-Look on the bright side.
-Weather life's storms.
-Stay Alert.
-Set a shining example.
-It's OK to be a little flashy.

-Your True Nature

March 24, 2020

the photo...

After a million years {...or maybe twelve} I changed that picture of me over to the right. I'm not sure it is staying, as I do love that shot of my smiling eyes, but for now... it brings a sweet memory to my heart and mind.
: :
Did you ever have $50 burning a hole in your pocket? This fall, due to an airline change, we each had these vouchers. Fifty dollars is not much when you'd like to get away, but I decided to play in the search anyway... and you know what? It was only $45 to fly to Chicago... and only $25 to get back home. Was a weekend in Chicago with a forever friend worth $50? Absolutely. And so... we went.

I love the decadent feeling of a weekend trip... the Friday afternoon quick change, from work to play, and the celebratory cheers while you wait to board. And on this December Friday, our destination was winter. Would there be snow? Probably not. But it didn't make a difference to me because it had been too long since I laughed, in person, with Amy. The plane arrived early and by 9pm Amy was whisking us away from the curb towards our weekend adventure.

We didn't really have grand plans, just one must-do and a few that sounds fun. It was mostly the being away and the being together. We explored the ChristkindlMarket, deserted the crowds for tacos, and admired the holiday windows. Back in her neighborhood there was this little store that beckoned me in... markers and pens might be my love language.

My hands were toting a few treasures around the shop when I noticed the snow start to fall. My squeal of joy led to Eric's warning don't run out of the store with that stuff and so I dropped it all into his hands and bee-lined for the door. 

Two minutes. That's all there was.
Sometimes you really need to just grab the moment and dance in the joy of it, and I'm so glad I did...
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