October 08, 2021

friday virtual coffee...many months later

This October Friday finds me sitting in the same chair, with the same view (but perhaps a different mug.) I'm not complaining - I could sit here forever and be okay. In one more month we'll be back in the office, full time - take two. This work/life balance I have found over the last twenty months has been... glorious. It will be hard to go back. Just thinking about the commute makes me shudder. But it's Friday, and the weekend is almost here!

It took me six weeks to get that vaccine appointment for Bob {which seems unreal at this point, when no one seems to want it.} When the "book appointment" showed up on my computer screen, I didn't dare breathe, and typed in the information in a flurry of errors, barely holding myself together. And when it showed appointment confirmed, I lost it. On my knees, sobbing my thanks to God, all while trying to call my Mom and texting the six others we had trying to acquire this one appointment. I may have held my breath a little, waiting the week until the appointment... but now, all of us have been vaccinated, and I'm just thankful. 

In the many months since I've been here, I've been living, and it has felt good. Trips to the beach, walks in the woods. A glorious journey to the mountains. Bike rides, owl sightings, and more than a few family celebrations. And with our Covid Bubble friends, who already felt like family, we have found our way around some great fun. 

I hope to stay focused enough to tell the stories... because the words are here, but the follow through has been lacking. That makes me sad, but I think we may all be suffering from soul exhaustion. All of that energy I had for a thousand projects during the shut down is long gone... but that may just be the reality of living outside the bubble. I was hoping to hang on to some of that, and maybe now, saying it out loud, I can try to find a compromise within myself. 

I also hope to be back here, in this spot, long before so many months pass me by. 

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