February 03, 2016

dreaming at twenty-two...

It is hard to believe she is twenty-two. Twenty-two.

I was twenty-two when I held her in my arms for the very first time, and with this birthday we celebrated, I can't help but compare our lives. Hers now, and mine then. Night and day... but we know that between the two, both are beautiful, neither right nor wrong. My dreams were wrapped up in love and being a Mom. I married at twenty, and bringing this sweet baby girl into the world two years later just felt right. She added to our dreams come true. Now, at forty-four, we continue to live our dream, but I wonder if I should still be dreaming. I'm not sure I am.

Laura is chasing her dreams, working hard to make them come true. She wants to be a zoo-keeper, and she is on the path to making it happen. I admire her. She dreamed a dream, and no matter the obstacles, she keeps on pushing through, enjoying the journey. I think it is utterly beautiful to watch her, but not necessarily easy! And once this dream goal is met? I know she others waiting behind it...
I loved celebrating our girl, her birthday, her dreams.
There were cupcakes, family and her best friend... lots of laughter and good conversation. And my birthday girl had stars in her eyes, full of joy.

Keep dreaming, my dear... your dreams make me happy, too.
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