August 30, 2019

on my mind...

Africa is never far from my mind... but I can hardly believe that I haven't written the stories. Our trip last summer was so fantastic - and it deserves to be documented. The beauty, the emotions... all of it. I have begun putting the pictures together, and I need to put the words down before the details and the moments escape me. It's coming. For now though...
photos from 2010 & 2018

I need Africa to remind me that beauty has many faces
and that giving has many hands.

-Annie Downs


August 29, 2019

life lately...

This week has us glued to the news, watching and waiting on news of Hurricane Dorian. Will she come our way? Or just drift north? It is always a big waiting game, filled with speculation and denial. After Irma, I'm paying a little more attention. 

So while we wait, here's a little bit of life lately...
1. Our anniversary guacamole... and the one I love. 

2. Our favorite place {where we didn't go for our anniversary dinner} celebrated us with this treat!

3. It's kind of his first car... the first time he got to choose, at least.
He said goodbye to the shared pickup {his sister's choice} and hello to this little car. 

4. It's always fun to find a new {delicious!} food truck!

5. My son loves Peeps... as long as they are Halloween ghosties!

6. A little glimpse of my palate on Zoo day!

7. Sometimes I think my gallery is a series of screenshots...
seemingly the only way I ever see the faces of my kids.
I love that she actually sent a photo of her face, because I miss it!

8. This sunset was glorious!

9. A project finished! I don't often get to say that. 
I am either setting it aside, or unraveling...


August 27, 2019

along the side of the road...

He shakes his head, rolls his eyes, and tells me no... but sometimes he stops anyway. This past spring we were driving through the center of the state and the scent of orange blossoms in the air was overwhelming. You know, that scent speaks to my soul... the breath of Jesus. As I longingly gazed at the groves that run along both sides of the country highway, I also looked for a spot I could ask him to stop. I knew he'd think safety first! and possibly be completely unwilling to pull the car over onto the shoulder. But... in the endless ways he shows his love for me, he did it anyway.
I was giddy! I dashed my way through the sugar sand and buried my nose deep in the blossoms. It was glorious... in every way. I quickly tried to document the beauty and the moment, all the while knowing he was waiting, impatiently, in the car just beyond me. Sometimes it's hard to stuff all that joy into a four minute stop, but I did my best! And... as we rolled along the rest of the way, the view of the trees through the window seemed more.
Last Sunday, I asked again for a roadside stop...
He made some ridiculous statements about me getting hit by a car, and I rolled my eyes. Eventually, after a u-turn, he did stop for me, and I took a couple of pictures of the water rushing over the weir.
We wait for this every year... when the rains come heavy and fast, and the back canal wears down the earth and breaks through to the front. The birds splash in it, and sometimes a big gator lounges right in the center of the stream. Two years ago the development behind the canals worked very hard to stop the rushing flow, pushing in stones and dirt and flattening it over with the steamroller. It almost broke my heart... but the rains are faithful, the power of the water stronger than the will of man.

Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.
-Crystal Middlemas

August 21, 2019

life lately... the unposted edition

I didn't take enough photos this week for a life lately, but I thought I'd look back at some memories from this past year... and I found a grid that I made to be posted, but never did. Go figure...
1. I do remember this well... I felt crummy and walked over to CVS to get some
cold remedies, and there was the after-Valentine's Day carts of candy.
I could have just rolled one of those carts right out, BUT I resisted. 

2. This winter/spring we racked up the miles on our bicycle-built-for-two!

3. Navy blue... it's a favorite!

4. I made this garland of circles and was instantly in love! I bought this tube of paper
circles at Michael's on clearance about 9 years ago. I know I would use them eventually!
The best thing was that when I thought of them, I could actually FIND them (oh my...)

5. I am still loving my Wednesdays at the zoo -
and my favorite is making this paper mache enrichment!

6. Oh the beauty of the patterns in nature...

7. We threw a Mardi Gras party this year and it was so much fun! 
I have a million more photos I could post...

8. I felt like I spent this winter/spring, stalking social media for sightings of Camden
 in South Africa...but on this day we actually got to talk to him LIVE and almost-in-person!
The connection was as great as the quality of this photo...

9. That watch represents 20 years of service with the Sheriff's Office for my husband.
Other than his continued safety, the thing I'm most thankful for is that he
has had the opportunity to learn many different aspects and jobs over the years...
all while working for the same employer!

Happy Wednesday!