September 11, 2014


We often play the what was your favorite part? game after a movie or a vacation, but if you asked Cam to pick a favorite part of his Africa trip, he couldn't.  He stumbles over his words and finally just says It was all the best. But this photo documents one of his many favorites.  I am a rule follower, through and through, and I didn't raise a rule breaker but... he does have a really quirky sense of humor.  When I saw this photo, I just nodded and laughed.  It is just like him to push the envelope just a little and get a kick out it.

This sign makes me think, though.  How many times have I drawn my own line in the sand, or decided how far I can really go before I even tried?  My comfort zone is small, and I tell myself that I don't want to grow, I am done learning. I could be happy here forever, this place is good. But this spring, something in me {maybe the Holy Spirit} grabbed me by the heart and pulled me out into the unknown.  Past the I can't and the I don't want to to the maybe you can.  Sometimes it just takes a little courage to tip toe over the line... and where you go from there?  The possibilities are endless. {But if you are in Africa, please make sure there are no hungry lions beyond this point before you make your move!}

P.S. His two weeks on the other side of the world were amazing.
More photos and stories coming soon.

September 10, 2014

changing sky...

 We set out to walk the track last night... it may not have the allure of nature, but the breeze was blowing and the band was practicing on the football field.  As we walked, the sky came alive, and with every quarter mile, the view changed. New colors, different wisps of clouds, shimmering shades of light. I could hardly wait to make the next turn, and I picked up my pace to match the metronome ticking away on the field.

Change is not usually a welcome companion... staying right where I am often feels so right. But tonight, as I watch the sky, change seems like a gift.

The only thing that ever remains the same is God. He is forever unchanging.  I know better, but I sometimes fight to take that title for myself. And when I am along the path of change, I long to leave the limbo behind and just have the journey done. I want the lessons learned, the growing over, the uncertainty banished. I'd rather know than not know.

But He is teaching me, and I am learning. We are never not changing, we are not done growing. This life is journey, and I can count the laps as blessing, or I can curse them. But really, I couldn't. They are so beautiful. And what they are doing to me is even more so.  I can feel myself growing stronger and I can see the changes in me. My eyes are brighter, my heart is lighter, I am happier.

If God let me skip this path, just be changed without the work and the pain, I know I would miss the middle. Just as if the day went from light to night, without the glory of a sunset.

September 09, 2014

letting the to-do list be a blessing...

Life is a great bundle of little things.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

We are four weeks into the school year, and the little things of each and every day are adding up. The here and there, the whens and the wheres and the how much?  I can feel it really settling in this week, and I try to keep breathing, I try to keep track... and I am thankful, once again, for teens who drive. I'm not sure I could keep up with Camden and the rest of this hectic life. Today, as he headed off into the dark morning, I asked Nothing tonight?  His Right! made me smile, and though I couldn't see his face, I'm betting it wore a smile of relief. Yes, tonight he only has homework.

The days are long... starting before dawn and ending in exhaustion, with a million little daily tasks sandwiched in between. Making lunch, heading out to work, dropping a girl at the zoo and returning to get her, thinking about dinner and then making it appear, keeping track of the calendar, laundry, shopping... the list is endless.  But that list?  It makes me thankful, too. I had no grand dream for my life besides it, wanting always to be a wife and mother. Some days it feels too much, and others, not enough. But every day, there is so much to give thanks for. Being able to accomplish any of it, having the ability to move and stretch, the kisses goodbye and hello again.  And all of these little things add up to make this one lovely, hectic life.

August 28, 2014

when i don't take the time...

If you asked me how I am, I'd probably say... busy. My head feels busy. But I think I am just trying to keep up with too many schedules that aren't mine. The daughter who is working and volunteering at the zoo, and the son with the heavy school-work load, plus marching band and finishing up his Eagle Scout work. None of these mean I can't do what I want or need to do, but the beginning and end times are circling my brain, quickening my heart... and creating this buzzing feeling of busy. Maybe instead of busy, I am tired, and longing for the easier days of summer.

But summer has passed, and I must move on. I need to take time for the to-list that exists for me, and let my capable kids take on their own. I need to feel the Light around me, and breathe it in, instead of keeping on on my own... because that alone can strengthen my soul. I need to love, to laugh, and enjoy this season that God has laid out before me.

What really matters in life is rarely on my daily to-do list.