April 22, 2014

love and gifts and blessed beyond measure...

It was just a little bit of radio on the way home... Joy sharing how she was in the water with dolphins over the weekend, and her co-host saying that if she considers that swimming with dolphins,  then he had been on safari with lions... because he had been to the zoo.  But that little bit of silly conversation caused my eyes to fill with tears, thankful tears... because I have done both. For real. 

Discovery Cove 2011
Tanzania 2010

In the moment, the experience is wild and wonderful, and you recognize that just to be able to do this is an incredibly special thing.  And then later, when you look back at the pictures that documented your adventure, the tears come fully... knowing that the experience was a blessing through and through.  And the joy of sharing those beautiful, extravagant moments with the people I love? Just one more beautiful gift.

Love comes in many packages...
The snuggle of your child, big or small. Someone getting out of bed to turn off the light so you don't have to, or the tumbling of the lock when hands are full.  In the giving of a gift... extravagant or small. Or... receiving one with a joyful heart.

I am so thankful for every smidgen of love that comes my way...

April 21, 2014

lovely easter...

I may call this the Easter of awful & missing pictures... but I won't let the quality of the photography blur the beauty of the day.  No evidence of the baskets I put together, or even beautiful smiling faces in their Easter finery... but I am thankful for the photos of the churches we worshiped in yesterday.  Our service was full of celebration music and trumpets sounding... and she said her service was just as beautiful.   And after church? We caught up and gave advice on how to cook a ham...

It was our first big holiday away from our girl... but just like every bit of her everyday, she handled it with a sense of adventure.  Decorating eggs with friends, and sharing in the meal preparation with another friend, to serve a few more.  As much as I missed her, I was excited for her...

And at home, we served up our own meal.  With family, and friends... and dessert on the table before the ham.  There was laughter around and love all around, and it was just right.   Even if the pavlova cracked and it wasn't until after we finished it that I realized I forgot to make the whipped cream to go between the layers...

A few more gifts from the day...
-happy easter greetings
-white cloth adorning the cross
-picking out my husband's voice in the choir
-Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
-sitting with friends
-hearing that your kids are the example {and thanking God for the guidance)
-her voice on the other end of the line
-their joy over easter baskets
-not running crazy
-chatting with the kids
-being in the kitchen with eric
-setting a pretty table
-being surrounded by love and laughter
-laughing over ham on a platter...
-and watching my mom laugh so hard she cried
-good tired, followed by a good night of sleep
-two cam hugs this morning
-letting a few tears roll as i watch runners cross the finish line in boston...
-and a few more during the national anthem.

April 17, 2014

more lego love...

The other night he dragged a bin of LEGOs into the living room, and together, he & his dad laid out a map of the USA.  If you have to do homework, it might as well be fun. He added a mini-figure or two, some LEGO gold... and it was good to go.  He is 17, and he still can't get enough of those colorful bricks.  The architecture series makes the Christmas & birthday lists, and he loves the mystery of the mini-figure pouches... and I love that he still loves them.  

Over Spring Break, we visited the botanical garden. I had been saving a couple of free passes for just this purpose... the LEGO exhibit.  

Cam and I walked around this labyrinth laughing.  He was ahead of me and I was trying to catch up without skipping a turn, but he was full speed ahead and I was in sandals.  I was convinced there was fire in the center {wrong}, which made us laugh even more.  I suppose we were just too silly for this meditation garden, but I would never pass up a chance to laugh with this boy!  

I'm not sure when we would have made it back to the garden, if not for the LEGOs.  It was probably our biggest-spring-break-fun-day, the three of us wandering the gardens, exploring nature and finding LEGOs in unexpected places, laughing and playing the day away...

It is a happy talent to know how to play.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

April 16, 2014

just you & me

It doesn’t require a special day to express how much I love you… 
every ordinary day is more than special when I am with you.