January 29, 2021

friday virtual coffee...

You know when you have only a little to say about several things? A coffee chat is the way to go, and virtual? Well, what isn't virtual these days? Half of me longs for real-in-person-life, and the other half of me is pretty content with the isolation. On this Friday, which somehow feels like a Monday, I took out my Dolly mug and filled her up with some strong hot chocolate....because the coffee is already long gone {and now that I have said all of that, I hope I can recall what else is on my mind!}

My day started at the computer... trying to get a vaccine appointment for Bob. I do not know the trick to actually acquiring an appointment, and it's ticking me off {this has turned my rare cynical side on overdrive!} People get through, the appointments disappear. I feel like I am doing something wrong. But my Mom texts me that she loves me, and my heart softens enough to return to myself. I guess it's just not our turn. And... if all these people got appointments today, they shouldn't be on trying next time. I just want him safe. Even though I missed my walk in the chilly air this morning, I did get in over 5k steps at the computer. Check!

Yesterday I did get my walk in, although the chill had not quite arrived. The air seemed light and fluffy, wispy clouds blowing by, and catching sight of the beautiful lemon moon called me to walk a new way. I followed along beside, while she bobbed along the tree line. It's good to start the day with a smile!

And as today winds down to the weekend {thank you, God} I long to be in the sunshine and feel the breeze on my face. What does the weekend have in store? Maybe a morning of strawberries, definitely a little wine, a few rounds of the game with my parents, and rest... all enjoyed with the love of my life, who keeps me going. 

January 25, 2021

monday hope renewed...

Last week was tough...
Monday I felt like throwing in the towel. An afternoon visit to the doctor didn't help too much, but maybe the bronchitis was at least a reason for my mood. But I did what we all do, and pushed through, best I could. And this morning, on a new Monday, I laced up my shoes and started out the fresh new week with a renewed hope. The music propelled me along the sidewalk and into daybreak... and I caught a few glimpses of of radiant pink as I made the last few turns. I'm always thankful for the light.

I don't know much, except that hope is necessary for life, and it's value is under-rated. God keeps revealing that to me over and over again, so much so that I feel it is embroidered on my heart, and if ever I claimed a word for the year, this should be it. Maybe not for just the year, but for all time. 

He whispers the word in Swahili to my Africa-loving heart. Tumaini. He leads me to where it is etched in the sand beneath my feet. He directs my path... chasing the next beautiful sunrise, with hope that the next one will be THE most beautiful. {Who am I to limit the wonder He can paint in the sky?} He sings it to my soul...

You are the one thing that I need
This is my only hope
That you'll never let me go
I need an anchor
To hold me through the storm
-Anchor, Colton Dixon

January 20, 2021

life lately {scenes from a road trip part 2}...

Today is the day we arrive in Denver, and put our arms around our daughter. It's been almost a year. I'm so thankful we were able to visit last September, and I'm thankful now that we could take a {very careful} leap of faith and continue this road trip...

1. The plan? Head straight to CO. But once in a while...
you make room for something completely off the plan,
which is how we ended up in Wamego, KS, home of the Oz Museum. 

2. It made me grin to see this great green museum nestled into the very quaint Main Street.

3. While we waited for the museum to open, we wandered the town, found coffee
and Toto statues, and...

4. the Yellow Brick Road! Just a path from Main Street to the park, but if felt magical.
And...I made Eric walk much farther than he wanted to.

5. I expected the museum to be rinky-dink, but it was beautiful and so well done.
What a treasure we found off the beaten path!

6. You can even sit and watch the movie
{unless you have to finish your drive to CO!}

7. The Tin Man in the gift shop was just calling for a photo...

8. Just steps down the road, we visited the winery.
If you're on vacation, it is okay to do a wine tasting at 10:30am. 

9. And lunch! Toto's TacOZ. 

We had the full Wamego/Oz experience {or as much as we could in two hours} and we enjoyed the stop so much! Sometimes you have to make the quirky road stop... but the next stop? 

January 14, 2021

life lately {scenes from a road trip part 1}...

On the eve of July, we headed out on our long awaited road trip... armed with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, Norwex cleaning cloths, and a cooler full of food. This was all just for travelling... never mind the rest of what was packed {Laura's too big to ship possessions} into the car. Our plan was to bee-line it to Denver, just to get to her, and the extra day off in the weekend. 
1. Ready to go... out of office email up and on my shirt! 

2. In all the cleaning out, I came across this state trivia learning
tool, and figured it was now or never! So with each state we passed
through, we learned a little something.

3. We ate lunch on the road, but we love this fancy Chik-fil-a,
and stopped for dinner {& gas next door.}  This year, it was just drive-thru.
We stopped for the night a little bit up the road, and learned...
 that hotel breakfasts are just grab & go now. 

4. Driving through Tennessee I tried to capture the COVID
messages on the electronic signs... just for the sake of posterity.

5. Picnic lunch and stretching our legs at the Kentucky rest stop.
Laura's Beanie Baby cat was along for the ride...

6. On into Illinois!

7. Driving through St. Louis.

8. Doesn't everyone carry their toll money in a taco?
Funny that I packed all of this change and most tolls were pay by plate...

9. We drove almost 15 hours the second day... the sun was shining and the roads were clear.
And, bonus that the day grew longer as we headed west. Double bonus for
Cooper's Hawk take-out in Kansas City!
{that makes this our 10th CH!}

Thank you, COVID, for not stealing this trip from us.
I needed it more than I knew...
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