January 25, 2021

monday hope renewed...

Last week was tough...
Monday I felt like throwing in the towel. An afternoon visit to the doctor didn't help too much, but maybe the bronchitis was at least a reason for my mood. But I did what we all do, and pushed through, best I could. And this morning, on a new Monday, I laced up my shoes and started out the fresh new week with a renewed hope. The music propelled me along the sidewalk and into daybreak... and I caught a few glimpses of of radiant pink as I made the last few turns. I'm always thankful for the light.

I don't know much, except that hope is necessary for life, and it's value is under-rated. God keeps revealing that to me over and over again, so much so that I feel it is embroidered on my heart, and if ever I claimed a word for the year, this should be it. Maybe not for just the year, but for all time. 

He whispers the word in Swahili to my Africa-loving heart. Tumaini. He leads me to where it is etched in the sand beneath my feet. He directs my path... chasing the next beautiful sunrise, with hope that the next one will be THE most beautiful. {Who am I to limit the wonder He can paint in the sky?} He sings it to my soul...

You are the one thing that I need
This is my only hope
That you'll never let me go
I need an anchor
To hold me through the storm
-Anchor, Colton Dixon

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