January 14, 2021

life lately {scenes from a road trip part 1}...

On the eve of July, we headed out on our long awaited road trip... armed with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, Norwex cleaning cloths, and a cooler full of food. This was all just for travelling... never mind the rest of what was packed {Laura's too big to ship possessions} into the car. Our plan was to bee-line it to Denver, just to get to her, and the extra day off in the weekend. 
1. Ready to go... out of office email up and on my shirt! 

2. In all the cleaning out, I came across this state trivia learning
tool, and figured it was now or never! So with each state we passed
through, we learned a little something.

3. We ate lunch on the road, but we love this fancy Chik-fil-a,
and stopped for dinner {& gas next door.}  This year, it was just drive-thru.
We stopped for the night a little bit up the road, and learned...
 that hotel breakfasts are just grab & go now. 

4. Driving through Tennessee I tried to capture the COVID
messages on the electronic signs... just for the sake of posterity.

5. Picnic lunch and stretching our legs at the Kentucky rest stop.
Laura's Beanie Baby cat was along for the ride...

6. On into Illinois!

7. Driving through St. Louis.

8. Doesn't everyone carry their toll money in a taco?
Funny that I packed all of this change and most tolls were pay by plate...

9. We drove almost 15 hours the second day... the sun was shining and the roads were clear.
And, bonus that the day grew longer as we headed west. Double bonus for
Cooper's Hawk take-out in Kansas City!
{that makes this our 10th CH!}

Thank you, COVID, for not stealing this trip from us.
I needed it more than I knew...


Suz said...

I'm SO happy that you guys were able to make this road trip happen. I felt like I was along for the ride, safely tucked into the backseat just waiting for snack time. .
TACO CHANGEPURSE? Stop it. Funny how we don't really pay Tolls with actual money anymore.

So, what did you learn about Georgia that I might need to know?

Southern Gal said...

I love that you took a game about state trivia with you! Covid signs for posterity. That's our life right now. One day we will look back on this and be thankful. We learned about the plate tolls when we received a bill in the mail from one in TX...on Donnie's beat up truck that we barely drive to the dump. Thankfully, there was a photo and they had typed one of the letters wrong. For a minute I thought we may have traveled to TX and I forgot. ;)
Fancy Chick fil A love.

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