July 29, 2011

five minute friday: still

There is a spinning in my heart that won't let go.  My eyes take in the view and study the layers and the crevices and the way the river winds through and... the utter beauty of the whole.  And I can't stop long enough to enjoy the picture without letting the words spin... Your Mighty hand created this... surely if You can do this, healing Ann is not beyond your ability.  I offer it as words that I must say, but it sounds almost like a challenge.  It isn't. 
But still... it spins wildly.  So I say it one more time. 
Out loud.  Into the wind. With tears on my face.  And then...

I sit. 
I let Him take over... as if He wasn't already in control anyway. 
But I know He is.  Really, I do. 
I let the stillness of an early morning sunrise soothe my spinning soul, and I rest. 
Right where He wants me. 
And I let His word wrap my heart and soul.  Be still and know...

I love this five-minute Friday challenge offered by the Gypsy Mama...

July 28, 2011

and then we were there

You hear about it all your life... and it sounds so elusive.
For a New England girl it seems the only way to get there would be through photos or a endure a cross-country road trip... and even then, in the imagining, the adventure seems to be the road trip itself.  Unless of course, you are travelling further by mule.   
But who knew? 
Who knew that leaning on that rail with the wind rushing at you would be an adventure all in itself?  And who knew, that just by taking in the rocky view before me, that I could travel further... without a mule?
: :
Laura and Cam did take the road trip (with Gran & Grandad)... up through Florida, straight through Alabama, into Tennessee and right up into Missouri.  From there they crossed in Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico before meeting us in Phoenix, Arizona.  While I might have felt lucky to fly straight to Arizona, part of me knew I was missing the greatness that dwells along the roadside...

We made the last leg of the journey in style...

Who knew there was a Grand Canyon RailroadNot me
Snacks, entertainment and a luxurious, lulling ride through the countryside... and then we were there. 

The beauty of the Grand Canyon struck me with awe.  I did know it would be grand and far more than I could imagine.  And I did know that seeing it in person, with that rushing wind and the the hot sun on my face, would be something that would be pressed into my mind and become a treasured memory.  I wondered though, if it would capture my soul...

I think God had something else in store for me though. 
Instead of letting the Grand Canyon capture my soul like Africa, He let the Grand Canyon take me on a journey. 
And that journey?  A story for another day...

July 26, 2011

a sight to see

Every turn had me ooo-ing and ahhh-ing.
Cactus. Red rocks. Mountains.  Views that stretched on forever.
I loved it all. 
I wanted to sear the beauty onto my heart... but the wheels rolled on and on, and taking time to press it in might mean missing the next stunning sight.  The landscape kept on changing and I didn't want to miss a bit.

Seeing this part of my own country widens my smile, and my view of the world.  Perhaps there are those that have never dipped their toes into the Gulf, or have never had the thrill of riding a wave into shore... but there I was enthralled by red rocks and mountains and a deep blue sky that stretched on forever without a cloud to interupt it.  Is one better than the other?  My heart says no... but my toes might disagree.

July 25, 2011

on the way

I did kiss and hug him first, but there he stood in front of me and I was so curious!  So off came the shoes and there we stood in the hall, back to back, waiting for the verdict.  It was close, but I still have a sliver of height over him.  Not for long though... this I know

Soon after, my girl emerged from the room and the hugging and kissing started all over again.
Two weeks away from them and it felt like a month.
We all need a break once in a while!

Donuts and chatter, snuggling in, packing up and waiting around in the sunshine. And then... we were on our way to the Grand Canyon, with a stop in Sedona.
Bring on the West!

Today I'm linking this post up to Richella's Imparting Grace party... 'cuz she said so!

July 21, 2011

home is where there is love

We are home. 
Home, and back to all that is familiar and good, not the least of which is my full-powered hair dryer. 
But as I sit, three faces come to mind... the faces of almost-strangers.  And I wonder how they are getting by, if they are finding common ground, if they feel a sense of familiarity at all.

His eyes were wide as guided two little children down the aisle, all the while juggling a stained manila envelope, a bag from Burger King and his boarding passes.  Looking, checking... and checking again.  With almost a look of defeat, and a false sense of certainty in his voice, he guided the little girl to the window seat, past two other passengers.  Looking down at the boarding passes once again, he pointed to the two center seats on opposite sides of the aisle.  I couldn't help but speak you are all sitting apart?  Nodding his head he replied it was a very last minute flight

With an empty seat in our row (by the Grace of God), and a little swapping around, we had the three of them together.  The Dad passed out the chicken nuggets and tried to built excitement about their very first plane trip.  Sister and brother sat with wide eyes, excitement shaded with a touch of fear, and maybe just a little hope.  Eric leaned over to the little girl, sitting right next to him, and tried to take her chicken, offering a joke and a smile.  It was all she needed... this little one, seven going on twelve.  She talked his ear off for hours, and told him everything.  How her Dad now had custody, and that she didn't really want to go.  She shared with him that she had her Mom & Aunt's phone numbers tucked deep in her pocket.  She chatted, he listened... and then they played with empty plastic cups and laughed at each other.  Three seats over, Dad dozed... perhaps finally feeling like he could let himself rest for a few moments.  Turns out that he drove from Maine to Boston the night before, and hopped on a plane to Las Vegas first thing in the morning, and heading back the very same day.  All I could think was what love... 

Before we landed, those little blue eyes turned to me and she repeated the story.  I urged her to think of it as an adventure... to give it a chance.  I reminded her that her Daddy really loved her, and the change might be fun.  Because what do you really say to make her feel like life might turn out just right after she has left her mother more than half-way across the country?

It was hard to say goodbye.  Hard to say goodbye... to strangers.
Harder yet to drive those faces from my mind, so I don't.
I just remember... him standing there as they waited to leave the plane, just saying over and over again Thank God they are coming home.  And noontime the next day, I pictured them arriving back in Maine, and racing off the bus into the waiting arms of family that had been waiting their return.  And later?  I could see a celebration complete with laughter and tears, because while she balanced a cup on her head like a party hat, her Daddy promised her a party. 

God bless you, little family of three.  You are wrapped in my prayers...

Imparting Grace

July 18, 2011

grace imparted

There is a beautiful soul inside a beautiful woman... and our friendship is a blessing to my heart.  Richella & I have never met, but one of these days we will... and when we do there will laughter and tears and grace.  I think of us as the Grace Girls.  Beyond Grace... Imparting Grace... you get it.  Today Richella is jumping out in faith and hosting a linky party... Grace Imparted.  Has there been a moment when the world seemed so big and dark and then the Light poured in and your heart felt safe again?  Or have you been smack dab in the middle of an ordinary day and happened across a beautiful moment that made your soul sing?  If you are willing to share click on over to Richella's beautiful corner of the internet... I promise that you will feel welcome, and to feel her smile through her words is a bit of grace itself. 

I think I'll be sharing this post, even though it is almost a year old, this week since I am still far away...

Imparting Grace

July 16, 2011

advice from a canyon

Carve out a place for yourself.  Aspire to new plateaus.
Stand the test of time.  Don't get boxed in.
Listen to the voice of the wind.  It is OK to be a little off the wall.
Reach deep!

July 13, 2011

and all at once i am on vacation

Phoenix captured my heart before we even cleared the security ramp.
The sight of an old biplane hovering beneath a stained glass sky had my mind juggling for the camera I knew was buried too deep.  My feet danced at the sight of bedazzled sombreros behind the locked doors of the gift shop and continued to skip all the way down to baggage claim.  I longed to see the city beyond the dark of night but instead satisfied my eyes with the glittering lights.

I finally gave up all efforts to sleep around 5am.  Five o'clock plus three hours is longer than this body was designed to rest, and if it hadn't been for one of the most comfortable beds ever, I might not have even lasted that long.  Though not fully rested I was anxious to get out... and with daylight sneaking in through the drapes I knew the day was beginning without me. 

Blue sky, real grass, and touches of the real west.  I am already in love and it is only 8am. 
I still wear Africa around my neck, and am still in love as ever.  But I have always wanted to see this country.  My country.  And here I am.

July 12, 2011

on the way

I look out into the great wide sky and there are clouds forever.  The sun glints just below the wing and I happen to notice it is shining on the ripples of the Gulf far, far, far below us.  It is beautiful... and a thousand words spring to mind.  For a moment, I enjoy the journey, but mostly I just want to be there already.  It feels greedy and ugly, and just a little desperate, but honest nonetheless.  And so I leave the camera stashed in the bag and refuse to document the blink of beauty. 

It feels... ridiculous. 
By the time we really arrive it will be half-way to morning and the ones I want to wrap my arms around will be fast asleep.  But oh, the big adventure will be that much closer. 

So here we sit... waiting for the next long flight.
I order an ice cream and the coconutty creaminess starts seeping in and reeling the vacation feelings just a bit closer.  Ah yes, I believe there is magic in ice cream.  Gradually I can fall into it... the beauty of vacation.  Whether I am here or there, or somewhere in between.  I want to enjoy the journey.  I want to grasp it and love it and laugh along with it. 

I'm trying...

July 04, 2011

happy birthday beautiful america...

The American flag does not fly because the wind moves past it. The American flag flies from the last breath of each military member who has died protecting it. American soldiers don't fight because they hate what's in front of them...they fight because they love what's behind them. 
-quote found through a friend who prays for her soldier every day.

July 01, 2011

low key

She drives, I drive.
I drop her at the barn, we work, and I return to pick her up.
The boys are away at camp, but it is not really a week of play. 
We still find fun though... chatting, laughing, watching tv, cooking together. 
The rain has kept us from our only real plan of the week... a sunset picnic at the beach. 
But there is still tonight, still a chance
It would be just the way to close this beautiful, busy, low key week.
And if the rain pours down?
More tea... and another hand of Bananagrams. 
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