July 29, 2011

five minute friday: still

There is a spinning in my heart that won't let go.  My eyes take in the view and study the layers and the crevices and the way the river winds through and... the utter beauty of the whole.  And I can't stop long enough to enjoy the picture without letting the words spin... Your Mighty hand created this... surely if You can do this, healing Ann is not beyond your ability.  I offer it as words that I must say, but it sounds almost like a challenge.  It isn't. 
But still... it spins wildly.  So I say it one more time. 
Out loud.  Into the wind. With tears on my face.  And then...

I sit. 
I let Him take over... as if He wasn't already in control anyway. 
But I know He is.  Really, I do. 
I let the stillness of an early morning sunrise soothe my spinning soul, and I rest. 
Right where He wants me. 
And I let His word wrap my heart and soul.  Be still and know...

I love this five-minute Friday challenge offered by the Gypsy Mama...


Misty said...

What beautiful thoughts expressed alongside beautiful photos. I am lifting Ann up in prayer for you today.

Anonymous said...

I too am praying for Ann.
What a beautiful post the words twinkling in the light of the photos.
Thank you.

Shanda said...

These photos truly shout out stillness! thank you for stopping by my blog. Your mother will love Zambia...that is where i grew up. Going to look through your blog to see who Ann is.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are the most beautiful person; a true friend.
Beautiful captures....praying for Ann.

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