November 30, 2012

on the last day of november...

Dear Southern Gal,
I am copying you because I love you. Okay? I want to say more, but I'm afraid I'll forget what I was planning on writing...

Dear God,
I loved hearing her shout Mrs. G! Thank you for that not-by-chance-meeting in the aisles of Target. To look up and see my zippy-yellow-car-friend and her daughter was a surprise, but I know that only you could orchestrate this meeting of hearts.  I cannot get by without the care you give to my heart and soul.

Dear Eric,
Thank you for putting up with the mess of me. Me, and our home. You have softly joked about every surface being covered in sewing... and I wish I could create in a smaller, neater space. I see the love in your eyes though... and I know that you are proud of me. Plus, it was your idea for me to sell these pretty things. thank you for believing in me.

Dear family,
Just one more day and then I can set most of this aside and slow down my pace. After the craft fair tomorrow I won't be as crazy, skipping from room to room to room, tyring to make one more thing. I am looking forward to there being a space on the couch and sitting next to YOU instead of a pile of yarn/zippers/needles/scissors.

Dear Schotts,
Monday night at the beach was beautiful. And just what I needed. Thank you for sharing Moe's Monday with our family!

Dear Laura & Camden,
I love you. I know I joke about being the mean mom... but I'm not really mean! Just remember that I'd rather know than not know...

Dear Tracie,
Happy birthday... today you are a year stronger, a year more beautiful. I am so thankful that you found blessings in your Thanksgiving trip.  I hope today is scattered with love. You bless my life.

Dear Friday,
I know today is usually all ours, but I have to work. Just for a few hours. Next week?  Just you & me.


November 27, 2012

a tuesday ramble...

I can walk & chew gum at the same time…. but I’m not sure I can write and craft in the same day or week,  or maybe even month. Perhaps I am only capable of pouring my creative heart into one venture at a time!   Though you have not seen many words here, they have been swirling about in my mind as my hands have been busy sewing, crocheting or painting. I quietly added a couple of links to my new Etsy store… but I have not mentioned it until now. I’m not really sure why, except for the busy hands reason.  But nonetheless, the little shop is open, and right now my favorite item is the wooden nativity set. It is a story I never tire of telling… and this time, I have told it without words.
I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours was! It was a day filled with parade watching and family gathering… and of course, a delicious feast. I came undone when Chelsea wanted us to share something we were thankful for... my heart had been on Ann's family all morning. I am thankful for the time I had with her. So thankful.
The weather, lately, has been truly divine.  Blue skies, crisp air, cool breezes, and so much sunshine!  We spent a Saturday in the park listening to Aaron Shust & Big Daddy Weave! The combination of the music, worship and weather brought me to happy tears as Eric & I relaxed in our chairs. It makes me want to use the park more... to carve out more time to just sit and breathe.
Last night we spent a single hour at the beach. We snapped pictures of friends and laughed away the hour! By the time we left, after the sun dipped below the horizon, our feet were wet and the cuffs of our jeans were coated in sand. I had the beautiful colors of sunset tucked into my heart, and treasure in my pocket. A heart shaped stone. I am continually reminded that he has a gift for finding them, just for me.


November 20, 2012

red light grace

I have spotted her yellow car zipping around town more in the past few weeks than I have in years. As soon as I see it, I make a mental note to send her a card... just to let her know that I know... I know how hard it is to lose a friend... and that I have been praying for her.  But life moves fast, and before I take the time to put pen to paper, I find myself reminded, again, that I haven't.

I noticed her car up ahead of me today... and I thought that if we ended up stopped at a light, and it was possible, I'd roll down my window and say hi. Maybe let her know that she has been on my heart and that I am praying for her.  As the light turned red, I noticed that our cars wouldn't line up, and a ripple of relief flooded me. It was a nice plan in theory, but what if today is the first day she hasn't cried? Or what if she is having an especially hard morning and I only make it worse?  It is the thought that counts...

And then God stepped in, the way He does when I can't get out of my own way.

The car in front of me swooped over in front of her and there we were, window to window. I waved, she waved. I rolled down my window... and as it became apparent that she was doing the same, I took a gulp of air, breathing Jesus in, and said it. You've been on my heart. I've been praying for you. She smiled and said don't make me cry!   We had a few more moments before green moved us on... and I think we were both touched by what He had in store for us this day.

I am a justifier. I can think of a thousand reasons not to do something... and fear usually hovers at the top of that list. But what can you do, when God wraps a moment of time in His love, but scoop into His grace and heap it on another?


November 15, 2012

in the great green room... or, room 4

It started as silliness….
Me, offering to read to him while we were waiting for the doctor.
I browsed through the pile, and under the funny cat book lay treasure…
It has been years since I’ve read to him.  He, too busy with chapters and sci-fi stories that I cannot relate to nor embrace. But sometimes moments must be grabbed in the passing… and this was one.
I was going to read it silly… but my voice could not help falling into the gentle rhythm and pace of the bright familiar pages. The words are an anthem all their own...
Good night kittens, and goodnight mittens…
Good night stars, good night air… good night noises everywhere.
It was a small, simple pleasure...but the rest of the story is not as beautiful.  Still, it must be told.
He made funny faces. He wondered about the socks, and why we didn't say good night to them when we said good night to the mittens. And why, why would you say goodnight to nobody?!  And he thought the old lady was creepy... and where did she go?!  Yes, he makes me laugh. So much for the sentimental!

November 02, 2012

to encourage

He brought me his report card with an explanation… I got a C in my hardest class. His face is firm, and I see only disappointment in his downcast eyes. The rest of the grades are beautiful… but this young man, who has grown accustomed to a list of As could only focus on the C. I look at him and see only brave.  For the first time in five years, he is off of his ADD medication, by his own choice… even knowing that he has scheduled himself for a list of classes that scared me. Honors, advanced, advanced placement, AICE. And his one elective, other than band? Critical Thinking Skills.
I urge him to see the rest of the list… the As and the B.
He is amazing, and I want him to know.

November 01, 2012

when november comes...

I gathered fall leaves in North Carolina... but this little bit of fall color, in our very own tree, makes me smile. Especially against the backdrop of bright sky blue.  I'm not sure how November came 'round so quickly, or how the year keeps quickening pace at all.  But we cannot turn back time, or even slow it...
I love these captures from halloween... my girl against the sun, a smile on her face, and these boys, who paused for a "cheese" in the midst of a silly cell phone struggle. If I stop to remember when, the tears might spring forth... so instead, I ooo and ahhh over the little trick-or-treaters and relish my right now. Because right now comes with knowing and lessons and a heart full of memories.

And the days dwindle down to a precious few,
September, November-
and these few precious days I'd spend with you,
these golden days I'd spend with you.
-Maxwell Anderson

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