November 30, 2012

on the last day of november...

Dear Southern Gal,
I am copying you because I love you. Okay? I want to say more, but I'm afraid I'll forget what I was planning on writing...

Dear God,
I loved hearing her shout Mrs. G! Thank you for that not-by-chance-meeting in the aisles of Target. To look up and see my zippy-yellow-car-friend and her daughter was a surprise, but I know that only you could orchestrate this meeting of hearts.  I cannot get by without the care you give to my heart and soul.

Dear Eric,
Thank you for putting up with the mess of me. Me, and our home. You have softly joked about every surface being covered in sewing... and I wish I could create in a smaller, neater space. I see the love in your eyes though... and I know that you are proud of me. Plus, it was your idea for me to sell these pretty things. thank you for believing in me.

Dear family,
Just one more day and then I can set most of this aside and slow down my pace. After the craft fair tomorrow I won't be as crazy, skipping from room to room to room, tyring to make one more thing. I am looking forward to there being a space on the couch and sitting next to YOU instead of a pile of yarn/zippers/needles/scissors.

Dear Schotts,
Monday night at the beach was beautiful. And just what I needed. Thank you for sharing Moe's Monday with our family!

Dear Laura & Camden,
I love you. I know I joke about being the mean mom... but I'm not really mean! Just remember that I'd rather know than not know...

Dear Tracie,
Happy birthday... today you are a year stronger, a year more beautiful. I am so thankful that you found blessings in your Thanksgiving trip.  I hope today is scattered with love. You bless my life.

Dear Friday,
I know today is usually all ours, but I have to work. Just for a few hours. Next week?  Just you & me.



Gabe said...

Is that your Christmas Card photo? Cause it should be!!! Love. It.

Good luck dear friend wish I could stop by and buy something!!

Southern Gal said...

Dear Dawn,
I love it! I'm happy to read your Friday Letters. I've been eyeing that coin purse. That picture! I'm with Gabe. It's got to be a Christmas card photo. Beautiful.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Dear Dawn,
I love this....from the start to finish!
Love the new family photo; amazing!
I can't wait to see all your creations in person. PLEASE do slow down though; you must try and enjoy yourself!

jenn said...

Dear Dawn,
You are wonderful! The love you display always makes me smile. I love you and wish we weren't so far from each other!

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