November 15, 2012

in the great green room... or, room 4

It started as silliness….
Me, offering to read to him while we were waiting for the doctor.
I browsed through the pile, and under the funny cat book lay treasure…
It has been years since I’ve read to him.  He, too busy with chapters and sci-fi stories that I cannot relate to nor embrace. But sometimes moments must be grabbed in the passing… and this was one.
I was going to read it silly… but my voice could not help falling into the gentle rhythm and pace of the bright familiar pages. The words are an anthem all their own...
Good night kittens, and goodnight mittens…
Good night stars, good night air… good night noises everywhere.
It was a small, simple pleasure...but the rest of the story is not as beautiful.  Still, it must be told.
He made funny faces. He wondered about the socks, and why we didn't say good night to them when we said good night to the mittens. And why, why would you say goodnight to nobody?!  And he thought the old lady was creepy... and where did she go?!  Yes, he makes me laugh. So much for the sentimental!


Southern Gal said...

He made you laugh! That's the best part. The sentimentality can wait for another moment, right?

And I'm with Cam. I've always thought the little old lady was creepy.

Nora loves that book, of course. To see the next generation enjoy the same familiar story makes me happy.

Richella Parham said...

Do you know I used to be able to recite this book, start to finish? Somehow I imagine that you and I use the same kind of voice when we're reading Goodnight Moon. What wonderful memories--maybe I'll just leave mine locked inside my memory!!

Other favorites--

"The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another. . . ."

"Once there was a peddler who sold caps. . . ."

Hope you're having a great week!! I still need to get to your etsy shop--how's it going??

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Aww... that is so sweet!! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

This conjures up so many childhood memories for me too. {Not mine, but the one I gave} And I agree, the old lady was kind of creepy. :)

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