November 01, 2012

when november comes...

I gathered fall leaves in North Carolina... but this little bit of fall color, in our very own tree, makes me smile. Especially against the backdrop of bright sky blue.  I'm not sure how November came 'round so quickly, or how the year keeps quickening pace at all.  But we cannot turn back time, or even slow it...
I love these captures from halloween... my girl against the sun, a smile on her face, and these boys, who paused for a "cheese" in the midst of a silly cell phone struggle. If I stop to remember when, the tears might spring forth... so instead, I ooo and ahhh over the little trick-or-treaters and relish my right now. Because right now comes with knowing and lessons and a heart full of memories.

And the days dwindle down to a precious few,
September, November-
and these few precious days I'd spend with you,
these golden days I'd spend with you.
-Maxwell Anderson


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Busy Bee Suz said...

Beautiful captures....I don't know how November arrived so quickly either, but we will try to hold onto it as tightly as we can.

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