November 02, 2012

to encourage

He brought me his report card with an explanation… I got a C in my hardest class. His face is firm, and I see only disappointment in his downcast eyes. The rest of the grades are beautiful… but this young man, who has grown accustomed to a list of As could only focus on the C. I look at him and see only brave.  For the first time in five years, he is off of his ADD medication, by his own choice… even knowing that he has scheduled himself for a list of classes that scared me. Honors, advanced, advanced placement, AICE. And his one elective, other than band? Critical Thinking Skills.
I urge him to see the rest of the list… the As and the B.
He is amazing, and I want him to know.


Anonymous said...

What a courageous boy. Life is so much more than a grade on a report card. HE is so much more than that. And with you as his #1 cheerleader, I have a feeling he's going to understand that. <3

Loui♥ said...

How beautifully stated..
so full of a Mother's love..
encouraging..with freedom to simply be..
and he is the very best!
i know you are so proud of him..
and all his accomplishments!
hug him!for you, for him, from me!

Gabe said...

Oh it's hard to get them to see what they've accomplished isn't it. That closet critic comes out and that's all they hear or see!!

Southern Gal said...

You're an amazing encouraging mama and he is a brave young man. You two are a good pair.

Busy Bee Suz said...

He IS amazing....and he has an amazing family that encourages him daily.

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