November 27, 2012

a tuesday ramble...

I can walk & chew gum at the same time…. but I’m not sure I can write and craft in the same day or week,  or maybe even month. Perhaps I am only capable of pouring my creative heart into one venture at a time!   Though you have not seen many words here, they have been swirling about in my mind as my hands have been busy sewing, crocheting or painting. I quietly added a couple of links to my new Etsy store… but I have not mentioned it until now. I’m not really sure why, except for the busy hands reason.  But nonetheless, the little shop is open, and right now my favorite item is the wooden nativity set. It is a story I never tire of telling… and this time, I have told it without words.
I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours was! It was a day filled with parade watching and family gathering… and of course, a delicious feast. I came undone when Chelsea wanted us to share something we were thankful for... my heart had been on Ann's family all morning. I am thankful for the time I had with her. So thankful.
The weather, lately, has been truly divine.  Blue skies, crisp air, cool breezes, and so much sunshine!  We spent a Saturday in the park listening to Aaron Shust & Big Daddy Weave! The combination of the music, worship and weather brought me to happy tears as Eric & I relaxed in our chairs. It makes me want to use the park more... to carve out more time to just sit and breathe.
Last night we spent a single hour at the beach. We snapped pictures of friends and laughed away the hour! By the time we left, after the sun dipped below the horizon, our feet were wet and the cuffs of our jeans were coated in sand. I had the beautiful colors of sunset tucked into my heart, and treasure in my pocket. A heart shaped stone. I am continually reminded that he has a gift for finding them, just for me.



Southern Gal said...

Look at you! Your shop is bursting at the seams. Such beautiful treasures there. You inspire me to get in my sewing room NOW!

Thankful for you, friend.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I figured you were busy crafting/creating, thus the lack of words here. I took a peek at your shop yesterday; it brings me such joy to see all the lovelies you have created!!!!

Pam said...

You are so creative! Love everything in your store. Love the do great work!

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