May 13, 2020

life lately {the march 2020 edition}

March feels like it was a lifetime ago... but in reality, it's only not been March for 43 days, despite reports that April lasted five years. We had some fun, and life took an unprecedented turn. And still... we had fun, making it where we could.
1. Jenn joined the 50 club with Eric, and after months of wondering how to celebrate,
she chose an elegant dinner party. It was a such a beautiful celebration,
and we were honored to help plan and execute the party. A night to remember!

2. I had all but forgotten we took a little road trip the first weekend in March...
and here I am, jokingly showing off my soapy hands at Disney Springs. 

3. The actual destination of our get-away was Wild Florida,
where Eric has been wanting to visit for years. The timing was right, and our
adventure even included an airboat ride!

4. One week later we were shopping for some food, just in case...

5. And decided to brave it all and go to the county fair
the one night it was open, to show our support.

6. I've been working from home since March 17th.

7. A little takeout from our favorite craft beer place. It's such a fun place for us,
and we hope to be able to support it any way we can!
For now, it's growlers and an extravagant tip.

8. Cam had a job interview, and he has waved goodbye to Target
and is working for our county in the water lab. 

9. Oh the walks... everyday after working remotely we needed to get out and breathe.
Jenn & I walked miles and miles until they had to finally close the trail.
The neighborhood streets just don't compare. 

May 12, 2020

the lenten letters

Some of my zoo days are my best days. The conversations that happen around the table, amidst peanuts, palm fronds, and paint splattered everything, always leave me smiling. Sometimes it's all out laughter, and other days it is downright holy.
Ash Wednesday, after I was lamenting our King Cake debacle, the talk turned to Lent and forty days and did you have any plans to navigate those days? Terrie shared her plan and I was already in love with it before she finished describing it. Forty letters, to forty people, in forty days. Letter to say... you mean the world to me, I love you, you are important to me. When was the last time you received mail like that? 

When I got home that afternoon, I gathered my supplies together {note cards, envelopes, stamps} and made the list. And then I started writing, and my daily trips to the mailbox became a prayer walk. Did I miss a few days? Yes. Did I play catch-up? Yes. Did I finish in time? No. But I kept on going.
In my own little bubble, I sent out these messages to the people I love and let them know. What I did not expect was that there would be a return. Over the next weeks, often a text would pop into my phone. I just received the kindest note. This is a keeper. I love you, too. I needed this today. While I might have imagined a friend opening the note, and smiling, I hadn't thought that far... and I didn't expect to be so blessed in return. And it was beautiful.

I'm not sure why I was so surprised, because isn't that just like God, to pile on the blessings...

May 11, 2020

in the stillness

Sometimes I need to be reminded that sweat is not the only reason to go for a walk, and perhaps the reason to follow the beckoning of the tree line, backlit with the pink promise of sunrise, is simply to breathe.
In maybe the stillest May I can ever remember, I find myself having to slow down even more, which honestly seems like a cruel reverse. Last week I was chasing the 15 minute mile, and this week, trying to hold off the bronchitis, the medicine combo has stopped that race in its tracks.
But this morning, I needed to get out and center my soul. A slow steady stroll. Cool morning air, which has been glorious after the early spring heat. The birds singing their song under the moon, still standing watch over the cul de sacs for just a few more minutes.

And then there was that promise.
All worship. Be still and know, indeed.

May 08, 2020

{the long lost} virtual coffee...

Oh dear friends, how lovely it would be to sit together and visit. Today there is actually tea in this cup. If we were sitting right here, together, I know we'd be talking and laughing for hours, about everything, and nothing, and all of the moments in between.
I want you to know... I had really great intentions for this break from the busy. I updated the blog template, and intended to write! and I didn't. It wasn't that I didn't have anything to say, because I feel as though my whole heart has stored up a thousand words. I suppose I was feeling motivated from many points and couldn't accomplish them all. The things that did get checked off my list? Painting baseboards, almost all of our living areas, and the front door. I have also checked off several little projects that resided in the someday portion of my head.  At this point I'm just hoping that I might be able to find some of those words again, buried in deep.

I'd tell you that while the thought of working from home sounds nice, I didn't think it was something I could be disciplined to do... but I was wrong. It's coming up on almost two months, and while I wish I had a better chair, I am doing just fine. I miss my people, especially my car pool buddy and my office-mate and our marketing "department"... and I'm thankful for the texts and laughs that fly all day long, and into the evening, too.
I might tell you that my husband has been reassigned to the 911 office and is missing his elementary school kiddos. He sometimes records a story for them and sends it off into the portal, and he's shown them his new desk where he answers all the phone calls. Once in a while he'll drive over to his school and see some of the kids out in the neighborhood, and it's probably hard to tell who is more excited to spot the other. Well, probably they are more excited to see the police car... we see it in the driveway every day. Our own kids are doing fine, too. Cam working, Laura not... but both okay.

And when I stop to take a breath, and realize that this has all been about me, I would stop and look you in the eyes, and ask... how are you? Are you okay? Is there anything I can do to make your load a little easier to carry?

My prayer list is long, and you are on it. The list of blessings, also long. And perhaps the one that crosses my mind the most is that I am not having to teach my kids while I juggle all the rest of life. My heart aches for the parents that are struggling to find a routine for this monumental task.

Until we can meet, know you are on my heart, and I miss you.
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