celebrating ordinary

It is all around us, like weeds in a field. 
The daily, the rote, the oh yes this again.
Life lived through the motions... the ordinary.

I need to slow down... for that is when I realize that the ordinary is what makes us, and without it we'd be nothing.  Some days I forget that this life I'm living is not a string of days blocking my way to the weekend, but a string of days He has fashioned just for me.  Mostly,  those days are messy... shoes piled by the couch, dishes in the sink, a heart that beats both elated and aching for the very same girl.   But the messy doesn't end at the weekend... and I shouldn't begin there.  He made seven days... and if He made them, I should dance through them. 

Oh God, help me see... that the ordinary should be celebrated.  I want to look beyond the piles and see adventure and time spent laughing over dinner... that a basket of laundry could be more than just dirt from a week of living, and a field of weeds just might be a field of fairy flowers instead...

day two: morning glory
day three: morning dance
day seven: all in a smile
day eight: love rocks
day ten: the rain calls
day eleven: it takes courage
day fourteen: changing the way i see
day fifteen: heaven sent
day sixteen: wednesday nights
day seventeen: don't forget
day eighteen: come on, fiesta forever
day nineteen: even me
day twenty: they are why...
day twenty-two: his sneakers
day twenty-three: the state of this heart
day twenty-four: 
day twenty-five: 
day twenty-six: 
day twenty-seven: 
day twenty-eight: 
day twenty-nine: 
day thirty: 
day thirty-one:

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