October 22, 2014

his sneakers

I saw him wearing new sneakers the other day,  and I wondered if he was done with these...or maybe he just needed a change. I had promised to let him wear these as long as he wanted...the new pair could wait until he was ready.

The look on his face when I had suggested the new told me how attached he was to these.  Torn and worn by the miles he has traveled.  Covered in the red dirt of Africa. I can relate.

I decide not to make a big deal of the switch, and just let it simmer in my heart.  I love the ways he has held tightly to the experience and I have a feeling I haven't seen the last of those trampled laces.

 photo 31daysbar_zpsfa674f20.jpg



Southern Gal said...

You need to frame those in a shadowbox.

Busy Bee Suz said...

So fabulous….if those sneakers could talk….

Mindy said...

Such memories those feet must have made...

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