October 16, 2014

the wednesday nights...

A deep sigh of relief bursts from my soul when he walks through the door on Wednesdays, a sigh that breathes thank you, God, for delivering him safely home... again. I know he gets sleepy.  The early mornings, and a long day at school topped off with a couple hours of college prep stuff would exhaust anyone.  I don't worry, but I do pray.  He tells me that his foolproof trick for not being too sleepy is stopping for Chick-fil-a fries, and I just smile as he heads off to start on homework.

After dinner, Eric & Laura head out to choir practice, and we are just two... home with the cat. Sometimes there is more homework, and sometimes... he is done.  I love those nights. We laugh at America's Funniest Home Videos or the Cosby Show, we clean the kitchen together... we carry on with silliness.

It is the ordinary stuff that makes the night special, the stuff that I will miss most when he heads off to college.  It weaves its way through and around our hearts, makes us who we are, and creates the relationships we cherish.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this. You two have a special thing….pure sweetness!

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