October 10, 2014

the rain calls...

It's rainging... again.
Not a sweet splattering that calls you to dance... but a deluge that comes, wave after wave.  It makes me cringe when the wind rattles the doors, and it seems the sky is falling all at once.  

Weeks ago we sat under the bluest blue sky and felt a ripple of breeze pass by.  I smiled, and Eric checked the radar.  I was having none of it, confident that the game would play, and so would the band.  But within fifteen minutes we were back in the car, waiting out the lightning meter.  That night more than six inches of rain fell in just over two hours, and the number of lightning strikes in our area escalated moment by moment.   I wish we had been closer to home.

But the grass is green and the canals are running high... and it seems our corner of the the world has never been more beautiful.  Water rushes, birds gather, and there is one big gator that positions himself right in the middle of it.  

Sometimes the rain pulls us to dance, and sometimes it calls us to snuggle up inside, safe from the storm.  

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Southern Gal said...

Have you had one game without rain this season? We have seen more full rainbows this year than ever before. Sun peeking through the clouds while it's raining is my favorite. I hope you get to see the band with no threat of rain soon!

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