October 14, 2014

changing the way i see...

He was shaking out his towel as we were getting ready to pack up and head home...but the wind caught his towel, and I caught the shot. It is one of my favorites... even more so than the few I took after this, as he was running, pretending he was a caped super hero.  

But what happened before the shot?  It may have been years ago, but I still remember... because it is never pretty.  Stand away from us. Make sure you shake it out well, but not in our direction, because I don't want sand in my face.  You know, the normal fun beach/sand conversations. 

Some days I see the sand, and other days I find it quite simple to fine tune my focus on the beautiful backdrop God has given this world. 

With only a change in one's perspective, 
the most ordinary things take on inexpressibly beauty. 
-Karen Maezen Miller

 photo 31daysbar_zpsfa674f20.jpg


Ida said...

A very good lesson and now you have a special photo reminder of it. I like the shot and the message.

Mindy said...

Ah, it's all in the perspective isn't it?

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