March 31, 2014

a good monday...

The birds are chirping wildly this morning, and the sun has almost climbed beyond the clouds. Coffee is hot, and I'm not racing off to work... it is a good Monday. I love that the school tagged on one more day of Spring Break, and even more glad that I could tag this last day on to my long weekend.  So what are  we going to do today?  I don't know.  The day lies ahead of me like a gift yet to be unwrapped...

And the gifts that I have already unwrapped?
-five disney movies in one day... with cam
-making a birthday girl smile with glee
-a daddy's desire to chat with his girl
-finding LEGOs in unexpected places

-the sunshine... even on days that were expected to be filled with rain
-a cupcake kind of day
-a silly chat between three silly friends
-catching up over pizza
-mini golf with cam... his favorite {and oh! do i love to say yes when there is a breeze blowing!}

-a wall of green hearts
-a soft tiny feather
-his project proposal gaining its first signature
-watching my forever friend bake, and knowing she said stop on by so i could offer moral support!
-banana bread. she did good.
-five days off. in a row.
-feeling refreshed for a brand new week.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.
blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

psalm 34:8

March 30, 2014

sunday photos

We have enjoyed the week. I love spring break for the weather, the time, and... that it means summer vacation is just around the corner.  I have no idea how I will mark time when my kids are out of school!  Here are a few glimpses of the fun...

Last week we took a trip to the botanical garden... we've been meaning to go for years.  I fell in love with this bloom... from the Shaving Brush Tree.  I wanted a thousand more pictures, but my guys were anxious to move on...

One of my sweetest friends was in Boston a couple of weeks ago, and she really wanted to go on a cupcake tour.  Unfortunately, the people she was traveling with didn't feel like it, so it didn't happen.  Until yesterday... when I took her on a cupcake tour of our town!  Three shops and a bonus donut stop!  This chocolate one was my favorite!  We had a ton of laughs, and enjoyed the day together exploring and critiquing!

It seems we have been traveling up and down the highway all month long... and while the miles stretch on and on with weariness, there is something in me that loves a road trip.  Perhaps it is watching the dark turn to day along side me, or the way a sunset can give you hope that rest is coming soon...

After pinning at least a million ideas onto Pinterest, I finally made something.  There wasn't even an excuse for not doing it sooner... I had every supply!  The other night, I took the time to find the map, and stitch around my hometown, where our love story began.  And that Coast Guard bear? Well, he marks how our story began.  I walk into the house, see this little grouping, and smile.  It represents a whole lot of memories, a whole lot of years ago.

How many times have I searched for my sandals... only to find them right where I left them?! Under the table.  Sometimes I even find more than one pair! It is a bad habit... one I haven't even tried to break.  A couple of times a week I gather up a few pairs and toss them into the closet... and then  I can't find them!

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Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


March 28, 2014

on a sunny friday...

The sun is shining... spring break is in full swing... and the backyard bird feeder is hopping!  Counting my blessings that the painted buntings are back! A cardinal couple, too!


March 26, 2014

worth the royal wait...

I must have asked him five times to give me a Christmas list... he is past the age of being wooed by every toy commercial on TV and we didn't have the first idea of what to get him.  Finally, just a couple of weeks before Christmas, he made a list.  Some of the things were downright ridiculous, but that was not unexpected... it had happened before {ex...a penguin.}  And other things on the list?  I had to ask what???  Good thing his uncle knew what he was talking about.

Thursday, after fifty disappointing trips to the mailbox, and just eleven weeks after it was ordered, Camden's Sealand shirt arrived.  Where he even heard of this "country" is beyond me... but clearly, he does love it. From the "Royal Mail" postage seal, to the shirt itself, he could hardly contain himself!  You, too, could love Sealand... or even become a Countess!  For a price... and eleven weeks to wait.

March 24, 2014

when not much is just what you need...

It is the first day of Spring Break and I am working.  That doesn't make me too happy... I'd rather be home. But my guy could probably use a day of nothing.  He will have certainly missed breakfast by the time he wakes up, and he'll have to figure out a way to squeeze his three meals into a shorter time span... he just can't stand missing a meal.  Before I headed off to bed last night I asked him what his plans for the day would be... it was a long list of not much that included watching TV, enjoying some youtube videos, maybe some laundry. He deserves a nothing day.  Maybe two.

When he & I were driving north to see Laura, we sang along to a lot of Disney tunes... and planned for a pajama-movie-marathon this week.  I hope he waits for me.  Because sometimes doing nothing with your kids makes for the best day ever...

I haven't listed gifts in quite a while... but it doesn't mean that they aren't present, or that they are going unnoticed.  They are gathered in my heart... but today, I'll write them down...

-a weekend of cheering on steven!
-kayaking with my mom
-being smack dab in the middle of nature and knowing it is all by His hand
-dancing in the kitchen
-the magic of the internet, and being able to zip her a quick solution
-a funny sunburn, and being able to laugh at myself
-a lovely girl overcoming, and succeeding!
-voxer messages {why did i wait so long?!}
-catching up with amy, endless laughter
-peace for a suffering friend... and healing in His arms
-silly boys, big and almost as big
-his social life growing, while we are content to stay home
-sweet emails that began as comments, that go on and on. and on.
-someone knowing he is her brother, by sight alone

March 23, 2014

sunday photos...

The weekend is just about done, and while I would rather it not end, we have a bit of a reprieve with spring break this week.   Fewer work days... and no homework for Cam!  I'm celebrating with some Sunday photos...

All lines lead to the sunshine... and the beach... and the lovely sea breeze.

This guy always makes me laugh... and I am so thankful he found me.  He was rinsing the pollen off my car, but last night? We laughed and danced in the kitchen... just because.

Sunshine in my windows brings me joy... and I love to see the evidence on my sunny yellow walls. This morning just seemed particularly pretty...

It has definitely been too long since these two had some time to hang out together... but at least we made it to his horse show and the boys got to give a few high-fives and have some lunch together. How long have they been friends?  Forever.

A friend told me about 40 bags in 40 days... so I figured it was just what I needed.  It is not going as planned... but it is still going.  Here is one organized drawer!  And there might be a few more here and there, as well as a few organized rooms.  Feeling good!

Linking up with Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!  I was sad to miss last Sunday, but it got away from me!!!  Next week's list?  what IS that?, yum, on the road, on the shelf, bad habit.  Come on! Join in the fun!

March 20, 2014

days of laughter and friendship...

It was a weekend of friendships, and with friendship, there is always laughter.  I count on it, and it feeds my soul.  Sometimes... the friends aren't even mine, but those ties fill me just the same.

Friday he invited three friends to come and play a game he got for Christmas.  They were not the friends I knew, but a different crew...from Spanish class.  I may have been surprised at first sight, but their manners and their laughter won me over before I could judge their covers.  I fed them pizza and pie, and their laughter carried throughout the house until just before dinner.  This week, Cam reported that they are hoping to get together again soon to have a few more rounds of SmashUp.  He rarely makes plans, and when he does, they seem to fall through.  I know just how that feels, and how hard it is to try again.   Friday was good for both of us...

Saturday we headed for horse country... just a few hours north of home, and an hour south of Laura. Tracie's girls were showing again, and I just can't resist the ribbons and bows of a horse show.  Friday night I sent one more text to my girl, to see if she had time for dinner Saturday, and when I finally heard back from her, her Saturday plans had fallen through and she had the day to share with us.  She asked if I minded if her friend from zoo school could join us... and I always {try} to say, the more, the merrier!

Last time we went to the horse show, we had to head home before Wynter rode, but this time we enjoyed watching both she and Taylor ride to Grand Champion!  And in the waiting, friendships grew.  Tracie and I had some time to talk and share, and it was fun to get to know Laura's friend, and hear the two college girls chatter away with Cam.

There were a lot of miles driven over the weekend, and on the way home, Cam & I were weary.  But a good kind of weary... the kind that feels full, content, lovely.

It is cheerful to God 
when you rejoice or laugh 

from the bottom of your heart 


March 18, 2014

together again...

We made our way north with the bright, full moon keeping time along side of us. In the dark, we covered miles and conversations before the excitement of a 5am wake-up call wore off and he was dozing again. Before long, rays of sun starting peeking through the trees declaring that true morning was almost upon us. A stop for breakfast, and we were on our way, once again.

There is something about an early morning road trip that makes me happy... maybe it is that the miles you tuck away in the dark are forgotten when you arrive with the whole day still before you.  And what a day... spent with my girl {and some friends, too!}  It was unexpected and so much fun... the chatter between brother and sister, and the laughter, fills my heart.  They are still friends... even with miles between them.

This never gets old for me. Ever. 

March 13, 2014

this one...

I expected that he'd fall into bed and collapse after a grueling morning of SATs... but he was awake and functioning all afternoon.  I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk, and this boy of mine, he'd indulge me anything.  And... he fell asleep in the car on the way to the beach.  
: :
His life has been crazy lately... so full of all things geared to the future and not much frivolous fun woven into his schedule.  Homework, Scouts, church, Quest, unload the dishwasher, take out the trash.  He handles it with such grace... at least on the outside.  He doesn't say much about what is going on inside.  Maybe I'm not asking the right questions, but maybe it wouldn't matter anyway... I'm trying not to look at him with eyes that are seeking an answer, but oh, I'd like to be reassured with I'm good.

This weekend, he & I are going to head a little north.  We may, or may not, see his sister.  He may, or may not, open up and talk to me.  But along the way, I hope he feels love, joy, and enough...

I can see the fingerprints of God
When I look at you...
You're a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds
And you're covered with the
fingerprints of God.

-Steven Curtis Chapman


March 09, 2014

sunday photos

One of my son's obsessions... the LEGO mini figure!  He has a box full of them, and was thrilled when I asked if I could take their picture!  He is seventeen... and his love of LEGO still makes me grin!  His latest big build was one from the architecture series... Falling Waters.

Nine dollar shoes that have been worn and worn, for just-the-right-occasion!  Mostly the rodeo. The occasion this week?  A country western dinner for Boy Scout Leader awards... my husband now has an acorn.  

I found this necklace on a clearance rack... and I'm always looking for a fun long necklace.  I think it is not only pretty but useful, too!

It is the one thing on the list that always gets done when we visit her.  Anything to make it easier for her to get through without a car!  This photo is old... but the last time we took her shopping?  It was pure joy to push the cart and follow along behind her while she worked through her list.  It is hard to believe she's been on her own for ten months.  I knew she'd be great!

Friday was a fundraiser for work... and the centerpieces were gorgeous.  I couldn't help but capture one!  Better yet? At the end of the afternoon, there were a bunch left... so now I have one of my very own!

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March 02, 2014

sunday photos

Happy March!  {I'm not quite sure where February went!}
So far, it has been lovely!  The kind of weather we wait for all year long.
I hope you are enjoying our Sunday... I have some photos for you!

It was so nice to get out and walk again... in one of my favorite spots.  The boardwalk through the mangroves ends at the beach, but just before you arrive, there is the bridge over the pass... and a preview of the beauty that is to come!  I decided to take this through the railing, but has to be quick because the golf cart/tram was coming! Beep, beep!

Today was so beautifully amazing... kayaking with some of the people I love most on this earth! The photo on the right shows the details of where we went... and that little heart?  My parent's new home! We all had so much fun today that we can hardly wait until there is a house on that site!

We were on our way down the safari road when we spotted a flash of pink in the sky.  It had been a few weeks since we had seen the roseate spoonbills at the bird rookery {the park at the end of the safari road}... so this was such a treat!  There were three... but they were pretty skittish.  It is just so special to see them at all, even if you can't get a great clear picture... even if you can't get closer.  That flash of pink in the sky, or on the ground just fills me with joy!  

This one is from the fall... marching season, one of our favorite times of year!  I did not mean for this photo to be blurry at all... but it has become one of my favorites.  Plus, it tells a story.  Once my eyes find him on the field, I find it hard to focus on anything else!  One more marching season to go... our seventh between the two kids... and I am looking forward to it already!

I couldn't resist another beach shot... all of these pails and shovels ready for a day of fun!  It actually made me want to find a spot in the sand and build a castle, but I was committed to a walk!

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