March 02, 2014

sunday photos

Happy March!  {I'm not quite sure where February went!}
So far, it has been lovely!  The kind of weather we wait for all year long.
I hope you are enjoying our Sunday... I have some photos for you!

It was so nice to get out and walk again... in one of my favorite spots.  The boardwalk through the mangroves ends at the beach, but just before you arrive, there is the bridge over the pass... and a preview of the beauty that is to come!  I decided to take this through the railing, but has to be quick because the golf cart/tram was coming! Beep, beep!

Today was so beautifully amazing... kayaking with some of the people I love most on this earth! The photo on the right shows the details of where we went... and that little heart?  My parent's new home! We all had so much fun today that we can hardly wait until there is a house on that site!

We were on our way down the safari road when we spotted a flash of pink in the sky.  It had been a few weeks since we had seen the roseate spoonbills at the bird rookery {the park at the end of the safari road}... so this was such a treat!  There were three... but they were pretty skittish.  It is just so special to see them at all, even if you can't get a great clear picture... even if you can't get closer.  That flash of pink in the sky, or on the ground just fills me with joy!  

This one is from the fall... marching season, one of our favorite times of year!  I did not mean for this photo to be blurry at all... but it has become one of my favorites.  Plus, it tells a story.  Once my eyes find him on the field, I find it hard to focus on anything else!  One more marching season to go... our seventh between the two kids... and I am looking forward to it already!

I couldn't resist another beach shot... all of these pails and shovels ready for a day of fun!  It actually made me want to find a spot in the sand and build a castle, but I was committed to a walk!

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DrillerAA said...

Personally, I LOVE the blooper image. It really brings the true subject into focus. Have a blessed day.

Unknown said...

Amazing photos! I enjoyed the photo of the colorful pails all waiting to build sand castles. Wonderful job on the challenge this week.

Richella Parham said...

Dawn, you're really an amazing photographer! You're doubly blessed--you have such a gift for words and also a gift for photography!

Unknown said...

Your blooper shot is great. I love the colors. The buckets is a cool shot. It would have been fun to stick around and photograph the fun that is sure to be had with them!

Southern Gal said...

Love. The blurred photo is my favorite. I was upset when all I got of Rebekah's pinning ceremony from her college graduation was a photo like that as she was walking across the stage. It's one of my favorites now, too.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love your photos….and that pink bird is the bomb!
Great job my friend.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I think the blooper photo is the best one of all. Love the motion it depicts. AND ... I'm a beach bum at heart, so the beach photo ran a close second.

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