March 20, 2014

days of laughter and friendship...

It was a weekend of friendships, and with friendship, there is always laughter.  I count on it, and it feeds my soul.  Sometimes... the friends aren't even mine, but those ties fill me just the same.

Friday he invited three friends to come and play a game he got for Christmas.  They were not the friends I knew, but a different crew...from Spanish class.  I may have been surprised at first sight, but their manners and their laughter won me over before I could judge their covers.  I fed them pizza and pie, and their laughter carried throughout the house until just before dinner.  This week, Cam reported that they are hoping to get together again soon to have a few more rounds of SmashUp.  He rarely makes plans, and when he does, they seem to fall through.  I know just how that feels, and how hard it is to try again.   Friday was good for both of us...

Saturday we headed for horse country... just a few hours north of home, and an hour south of Laura. Tracie's girls were showing again, and I just can't resist the ribbons and bows of a horse show.  Friday night I sent one more text to my girl, to see if she had time for dinner Saturday, and when I finally heard back from her, her Saturday plans had fallen through and she had the day to share with us.  She asked if I minded if her friend from zoo school could join us... and I always {try} to say, the more, the merrier!

Last time we went to the horse show, we had to head home before Wynter rode, but this time we enjoyed watching both she and Taylor ride to Grand Champion!  And in the waiting, friendships grew.  Tracie and I had some time to talk and share, and it was fun to get to know Laura's friend, and hear the two college girls chatter away with Cam.

There were a lot of miles driven over the weekend, and on the way home, Cam & I were weary.  But a good kind of weary... the kind that feels full, content, lovely.

It is cheerful to God 
when you rejoice or laugh 

from the bottom of your heart 



Southern Gal said...

It sounds like so much fun, Dawn! I'm sad they had to cancel this weekend in our town. Maybe one day. Maybe you'll ride up, too.

Mindy said...

Laughter and friends - a good combination. Happy weekend!

Ashish Rathore said...

Its lovely and cherishing to spend happy time with friends and family. And even better to feel weary and content after a wonderful day. Keep smiling.

Ashish Rathore said...
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Busy Bee Suz said...

Look at Wynter and her horse; you can see the love. I'm so glad you got up there for another visit…this time not so soggy.
Smashup? new friends? Love this!!!

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