March 18, 2014

together again...

We made our way north with the bright, full moon keeping time along side of us. In the dark, we covered miles and conversations before the excitement of a 5am wake-up call wore off and he was dozing again. Before long, rays of sun starting peeking through the trees declaring that true morning was almost upon us. A stop for breakfast, and we were on our way, once again.

There is something about an early morning road trip that makes me happy... maybe it is that the miles you tuck away in the dark are forgotten when you arrive with the whole day still before you.  And what a day... spent with my girl {and some friends, too!}  It was unexpected and so much fun... the chatter between brother and sister, and the laughter, fills my heart.  They are still friends... even with miles between them.

This never gets old for me. Ever. 


Southern Gal said...

There's something about that brother-sister relationship. I have a sister so I wasn't familiar with it until I had mine. I love the dynamics. They look like they could take on the world.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this. I love that it will NEVER get old!!!!

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