March 24, 2014

when not much is just what you need...

It is the first day of Spring Break and I am working.  That doesn't make me too happy... I'd rather be home. But my guy could probably use a day of nothing.  He will have certainly missed breakfast by the time he wakes up, and he'll have to figure out a way to squeeze his three meals into a shorter time span... he just can't stand missing a meal.  Before I headed off to bed last night I asked him what his plans for the day would be... it was a long list of not much that included watching TV, enjoying some youtube videos, maybe some laundry. He deserves a nothing day.  Maybe two.

When he & I were driving north to see Laura, we sang along to a lot of Disney tunes... and planned for a pajama-movie-marathon this week.  I hope he waits for me.  Because sometimes doing nothing with your kids makes for the best day ever...

I haven't listed gifts in quite a while... but it doesn't mean that they aren't present, or that they are going unnoticed.  They are gathered in my heart... but today, I'll write them down...

-a weekend of cheering on steven!
-kayaking with my mom
-being smack dab in the middle of nature and knowing it is all by His hand
-dancing in the kitchen
-the magic of the internet, and being able to zip her a quick solution
-a funny sunburn, and being able to laugh at myself
-a lovely girl overcoming, and succeeding!
-voxer messages {why did i wait so long?!}
-catching up with amy, endless laughter
-peace for a suffering friend... and healing in His arms
-silly boys, big and almost as big
-his social life growing, while we are content to stay home
-sweet emails that began as comments, that go on and on. and on.
-someone knowing he is her brother, by sight alone


Southern Gal said...

I so love this list. Can I come over and dance in the kitchen with you? Ethan and I rented Frozen and drank Sonic milkshakes Sunday night. It was epic. ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your list….aside from a suffering friend. (?)
I hope Cam enjoys a week of doing nothing or something….having the choice is such a treat!!
Voxer? Is that a type of boxer??

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