October 06, 2014

warmth & laughter...

I was already tucked in when he tossed his last load of laundry on the bed, warm from the dryer. I reached out, and slyly slid one shirt from the steamy pile.  I pulled it over me, the warm drawing me in.

Even in this hot & humid Florida climate I long for warmth and the way it makes me feel. Hot soup on a cool day, with a grilled cheese on the side.  My mother's embrace, or the way his arms make me feel. Comfort. Love. Even when we are full, we try to capture, create, more.  A soft blanket pulled over my lap while watching a movie, or cup of tea in in the evening can do the trick.  Standing so close to the wood stove that your Christmas bathrobe melts just a little... or snuggling into the just-from-the-dryer-laundry.

He looked around, and I covered my smile with his still warm shirt and snuggled in a little deeper. I heard him wonder why the shirts and pants were not matching up, and then he spotted me. That shaking head of his tried to hide the smile, but couldn't. And before we said goodnight, there was laughter.

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Southern Gal said...

It's 67 degrees in my house this morning. This post warmed me right up.
Warm hugs to you.

Pam said...

I love this. All of it. I have been reading, my friend. Just woefully slow to comment. I love the warmth...especially the warmth that is welcome no matter what the season or temp. Hugs and love to you! (and I will try not to be such a neglectful commenter)

Busy Bee Suz said...

YOU make me smile. YOU make me giggle. Oh, the lightheartedness of YOUR heart is a beautiful thing.

Unknown said...

I love how you make what could be a mundane moment of laundry beautiful!

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