May 13, 2020

life lately {the march 2020 edition}

March feels like it was a lifetime ago... but in reality, it's only not been March for 43 days, despite reports that April lasted five years. We had some fun, and life took an unprecedented turn. And still... we had fun, making it where we could.
1. Jenn joined the 50 club with Eric, and after months of wondering how to celebrate,
she chose an elegant dinner party. It was a such a beautiful celebration,
and we were honored to help plan and execute the party. A night to remember!

2. I had all but forgotten we took a little road trip the first weekend in March...
and here I am, jokingly showing off my soapy hands at Disney Springs. 

3. The actual destination of our get-away was Wild Florida,
where Eric has been wanting to visit for years. The timing was right, and our
adventure even included an airboat ride!

4. One week later we were shopping for some food, just in case...

5. And decided to brave it all and go to the county fair
the one night it was open, to show our support.

6. I've been working from home since March 17th.

7. A little takeout from our favorite craft beer place. It's such a fun place for us,
and we hope to be able to support it any way we can!
For now, it's growlers and an extravagant tip.

8. Cam had a job interview, and he has waved goodbye to Target
and is working for our county in the water lab. 

9. Oh the walks... everyday after working remotely we needed to get out and breathe.
Jenn & I walked miles and miles until they had to finally close the trail.
The neighborhood streets just don't compare. 

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Busy Bee Suz said...

You seem to make fun wherever and whenever you can.
I love your soapy hands; a sign of the future?
I'm so happy for Camden!

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