October 31, 2012

beauty along the way...

Thank you for walking through October with me... encouraging me along the way, and loving me through this season of grieving. Thank you for extending grace to me... when I published three days worth of beauty seeking all at once, all late.  You have blessed me, which is something beautiful in itself.

There were days, and will be still, that I sought beauty from morning til night. I wandered the house... frustrated. I wasn't necessarily looking for something big and bold... a tiny sliver would have done. But sometimes I just don't see it. It makes me wonder what is beautiful anyway? And why cannot I not see it?  But I believe it lies in practice and perspective...

We can see life as a sticky mess, or the artwork of God... but only we can make the choice.
This October has reminded me to choose the latter...

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen
 or even touched, but must be felt with the heart.
-Helen Keller


Anonymous said...

The next time you can't find any beauty my friend, go look in the mirror. <3

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love that comment up above me! TRUE!!!

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