October 13, 2012

the beauty of give and take

I told her I had some important errands to run Friday... like the make-up store and Books-a-Million and Chipotle. She immediately replied that she had the exact same errands. And the next day when I told her I also need to go to the post office, she exclaimed I really have to go to the post office!  So Friday was for us, two girls who really didn't need an excuse for an outing, but stacked up a list of excuses anyway.

She admitted to be crabby {lately} and she knew I was sad, so we seemed quite a pair. And as we were headed to our first stop, we joked about taking a detour at the church... but then decided to pull into the parking lot. The little-old-lady at the desk assured us that lots of people ask to come in and admire the stained glass, and to take our time. It was lovely to sit and click for just a few minutes... lovely and unexpected, which is often the very best combination.  Then we were back on schedule, with a little joy tucked into our hearts.
The day went on as it always does when we are together. Laughter, laughter... and then utter silliness. It is what we do best. And in the laughter, the sadness sat back a bit, not so close to the surface. Later that evening, after errands, but before we went to work {begrudgingly} in the concession stand, she said Thanks, you helped chase my crabbiness away today. I really needed that.

Sometimes we think we are just taking... but a true friendship is give and take.



Southern Gal said...

beautiful friendship. I love that she was there for you as you were there for her. Hugs.

Busy Bee Suz said...

And I wasn't kidding....you chased the crabbies away with your laughter. I'm glad the sadness could take a backseat for a few hours. Love my time with you!!!

Pam said...

I'm so glad you girls got to spend the day together. And chase the crabbiness and the sadness away for a while. I love it!

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