October 09, 2012

beauty is... brave

Friday lunches were our "thing." It was not unusual for Ann, Christine & I to spend four hours in a booth at the Cheesecake Factory... sharing conversation & laughter.  Typically we were seated in the same booth, and more than likely,  it was "Missy" who came around the corner announcing that she was our server.  I think she was always as exasperated to see us as we were to see her... I don't know why, but we just didn't click.

Last week Christine and I shared a million texts... holding each other up from afar and sharing sweet memories. You know we have to go on our next Friday off, right?  Her reply took me by surprise, and we made plans right away. I was holding my heart steady while I waited for Friday, and told myself that it was better to go now instead of waiting and letting the trepidation build.

There was a parking space right up front, and we bravely stepped into the restaurant.  Okay, we've made it this far. Breathe. We were led to "our" booth, slid across the seat, and waited for Missy. But it was Kim who arrived to rattle off the specials. It was not-so hard to sit and enjoy our conversation... and thankfullness flooded in. When it came time for our blessing, the tears threatened, but did not roll. Yes, I may, one day, have another day without tears.

So many things made us giggle and remember... it was as if Ann asked God to orchestrate this just for us. Maybe so. And just in case, thank you.

The brownie sundae cheescake was the special dessert of the day. Of course it was... because it is the very favorite of our three. So we took two pieces, and raised our forks in a toast to our dear, dear, friend.

Sometimes courage escapes us... but when we step out brave, the rewards are beautiful.



Southern Gal said...

And you are brave and beautiful.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Knowing Ann, she would be thrilled that you continued your special moments together...with her there in spirit and love.

Pam said...

Glad you still went out to lunch, even though it was hard. It is hard! As it should be. But hang in there. Hugs!

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