January 08, 2021

hope motivated...

If you've been around me at all, you probably know how much I love the beauty of the sky. Vivid blue, rose gold, cotton candy streaked, fiery orange, liquid gold... I love it all. Sunrise? Sunset? Count me in. Always

The weather has been gorgeous for walking, but yesterday I was lazy. When I was talking to my work buddy on the phone, she mentioned how gorgeous the sky was, so I walked out to the driveway and WOW! It was truly a masterpiece of pale blue and brilliant pink, starting to streak with a little gold. I almost missed this... and I was not pleased with myself for skipping a walk. 

This morning, with hope in my heart, I headed out in the nearly-dark morning... for exercise, but also for the sunrise. It's probably my favorite time to walk, because I love to watch the world wake-up. I could tell that the cloud bank was pretty low, and that sunrise might not be all I hoped today... but still, I walked, with hope. When you've already tied on your sneakers, and walked out the door, you're pretty much in it for the long haul. 

The sky woke in wisps of gray, and the sky warmed to a light blue hue. While I still hoped for gold and pink, the music in my ears satisfied my heart {my walk is also my chapel}, and I trekked on. Turning at my favorite sunrise spot, I was greeted with misty gray. I smiled and headed home.

Hope. It keeps you going. Today may not be my day, but there is always tomorrow. And if not tomorrow... well, I'll just keep the faith, and hope in my heart. God gives us all we need, and so much of what we want, that I shouldn't let even a passing thought of disappointment cross my mind.

Almost home, and then I saw it. A swash of liquid gold peeking out from the clouds. I was planning on stopping at two miles, but that gold gave me a second wind. If I just walk up the street one more time... oh yes. There it is...

all grace.

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