January 03, 2021

moving forward...

As we step gingerly into the new year, with a fresh new hope and the reality that 2020 is actually in our hindsight, my heart feels heavy for the past year. It was the kickoff to a new decade, and in that alone, we seemed to hold it to a higher standard, doing things we never do... like actually going out to ring in the new year, roaring twenties style, and expecting our perfect vision. 
I know that for some, it was a year of utter despair... but for many others, I think it might be chalked up as a major inconvenience. There is no doubt it was hard, and so very strange, but for me? I know we had it pretty easy, and I counted every blessing. I continue to be incredibly thankful that we have all managed to stay healthy, and that other than a six week furlough for Laura, we all continued to work. I have also been truly thankful that my kids are grown and I didn't have to juggle their education along with my job. 

Early on, I realized we had been given the gift of time, and I started {and finished!} projects that I had been holding in reserve, both in the maybe someday category and the I really don't feel like spending that much time category.  I really focused on seeking the beauty, because I knew it was there. Some days it was easier than others, and a lot of days, I just missed my Mom. 
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Has a year ever been wished away as quickly, or by as many people, as this one? I do not know... but what I do know is that a turn of the calendar page, or the drop of a ball, doesn't actually change much. And I also know, every time I hear Unspoken's song, Reasons, I will be reminded of 2020.

This year's felt like four seasons of winter
And you’d give anything you think to feel the sun...
But God has a plan, a purpose in this...

Yes, I believe He had a purpose for 2020, and I cling to the promise of beauty from ashes. I don't think we can sit back and watch it unfold though... I think if we want this new year to be brighter than the last, we need to banish the hate, we need to show kindness, and we need to be love in the little corner of our own world... and let it spread like wildfire. 

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Suz said...

I love this. Beauty in the ashes....you always have a wonderful perspective. Happy 2021, XOXO

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