December 22, 2020

life lately {the may 2020 edition}...

The page turn from April to May was heavy, and while staying home was just fine with me, the weight and reality of the situation had certainly set in on my heart. Are we really wearing masks? When will ever dine out again? Do we get together to celebrate a birthday? How long do you think we'll be working from home? Should we still plan our summer trip? 

1. May has never been so still... ever. 

2. This deserves it's own post... but Eric dreamed up our pop-up ice cream store,
and we took our show on the road, and spread a little joy.

3. After hundreds of texts we decided we could safely celebrate his birthday -
and realized that blowing out the candles is no longer acceptable...
unless you have your own personal birthday dessert.
We had a good laugh over that, and my nephew still
had his chance to make a wish.

4. We were invited to a new hiking trail, and caught up with Brenda,
who worked with Cam on his Eagle Scout project.
The scenery was beautiful, and the hike was great...
but the best part was Camden hearing Brenda's advice
{which was the same as mine, but who listens to Mom?}

5. I painted my kitchen cabinets! Yes, I really did.
I was cringing the whole time, afraid I was ruining them... but I LOVE THEM!

6. We may not be dining out, but we can still pick up from our favorite place.
And... it just makes me smile when some of your favorite people
are thinking about you and saving a few corks for your wine wall!

7. Walk, walk, walk... sometimes fast, sometimes slow... 

8. Another project I've been dreaming about -
a wood valance for my dining room, and I LOVE IT!

9. Working from home is the new thing, and perhaps Scout doesn't love
me taking over her window seat. Somehow we are making it work. 

Hitting the two month mark was surreal... and even more so as it became apparent we would still be counting. But we soldiered on, holding the anxiety at bay as best we could...

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