December 09, 2020

life lately... {the april 2020 edition}

 I wasn't going to go back, but then I thought it might be a good challenge... to see if I could actually find nine pictures from April. So here is April... not necessarily in order. 

1. homemade margaritas... because we're home. and we have time.

2. this pretty weed was enjoying a little sun flare 
on our safari road the beauty!

3. i painted the livingroom |
(and then the piano room, and the bathroom, and the front door...)
and put up some photos of place we love.
the qualifier? had to have a brilliant blue sky. 

4. when your quarantine friends set up a beautiful dining area by the pool, under the lights...
for your monthly Cooper's Hawk wine dinner.

5. palm sunday... i wanted to be festive and cut a few palms
for the online service. and... scout ate them.

6. how did i never notice the heart shaped marking on this neighborhood tree?

7. easter... we tried to zoom our favorite game with my parents...
it was a good for a laugh, at least!

8. my massachusetts kim was moved from her comfy OR to ICU...
the work was difficult, and heart heavy. super hero?
she says no... but i think she made some heroic choices, with love. 

9. it hit me hard when the hand-drawn copy paper arrows
were all of a sudden more permanent. 

Oh April... we made it through, day by day. 

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Southern Gal said...

Well hello! I love the new look!

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