December 18, 2020

a beautiful start...

The morning had me procrastinating, but an announcement of the chilly air was all I needed to be motivated. I have enjoyed the cooler mornings, and was thrilled to hear they had returned. I kissed him goodbye and off I went, knowing I only had about a miles worth of time before I needed to be at my dining room desk for work. 

Stepping out, it wasn't only the air that made me catch my breath - the sky was starting to warm pink. My footsteps lead me right, and I picked up the pace. Destination? Sunrise on the lake. My shadow in the streetlights made me smile as we raced down the sidewalk. 

Making my way briskly, I decided that forty-eight degrees is my perfect walking weather. The thought made me grin, as I am embracing the last couple of days of forty-eight years. And sunrise? Certainly another favorite. I love to watch the sky make its way from night to light, and the way the sun and clouds play together, making art in the sky. Cotton candy wisps, gradient pink, sky blue. 

Twenty minutes well spent, and a beautiful start to the day. 

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