January 20, 2021

life lately {scenes from a road trip part 2}...

Today is the day we arrive in Denver, and put our arms around our daughter. It's been almost a year. I'm so thankful we were able to visit last September, and I'm thankful now that we could take a {very careful} leap of faith and continue this road trip...

1. The plan? Head straight to CO. But once in a while...
you make room for something completely off the plan,
which is how we ended up in Wamego, KS, home of the Oz Museum. 

2. It made me grin to see this great green museum nestled into the very quaint Main Street.

3. While we waited for the museum to open, we wandered the town, found coffee
and Toto statues, and...

4. the Yellow Brick Road! Just a path from Main Street to the park, but if felt magical.
And...I made Eric walk much farther than he wanted to.

5. I expected the museum to be rinky-dink, but it was beautiful and so well done.
What a treasure we found off the beaten path!

6. You can even sit and watch the movie
{unless you have to finish your drive to CO!}

7. The Tin Man in the gift shop was just calling for a photo...

8. Just steps down the road, we visited the winery.
If you're on vacation, it is okay to do a wine tasting at 10:30am. 

9. And lunch! Toto's TacOZ. 

We had the full Wamego/Oz experience {or as much as we could in two hours} and we enjoyed the stop so much! Sometimes you have to make the quirky road stop... but the next stop? 

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Busy Bee Suz said...

I really love that you guys make the time for these fun little adventures. I think you know that *someone* in my life is all let's GO, GO and then GO! Sometimes it's nice to just follow the yellow brick road, follow, follow, follow....

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