January 06, 2021

life lately {the june 2020 edition}...

June. Summer. 
Did it feel any different? Yes. And... no.

The world was starting to open back up, and with some trepidation we started making decisions about where we might go, should we actually go, and if we did, was it a good idea? And what about our planned vacation?

My boss announced that our office was going to reopen, and we would each go back two days a week. The thought felt insurmountable in my mind, but before I could think too much about it, my boss changed her mind. There is a reminder for you. Don't let worry steal your joy, because the thing you are most worried about may not even pan out, and you can never get that time back. 

1. We actually ate in a restaurant. Our favorite. 
And we were very impressed by their safety procedures.

2. The zoo opened back up with a one way path...

3. Morning walks, beautiful skies.

4. We explored a little coffee shop on one of our treks to Home Depot...
have you ever seen a more lovely cup of tea?!

5. Hearts on the boardwalk... we missed our walks while it was closed. 

6. The kids can't come to a Do the Right Thing award ceremony,
so my husband figured out a way to bring it to right to their driveway...

7. June means the Poincianas are in bloom...

8. Writing the Word... and loving the learning.

9. Thankful to be {still} working from home, but missing my office Roomie...

And maybe the best thing about June was... deciding that we would take our planned road trip to see Laura. And I think... had we not gone... I wouldn't have felt so okay with 2020.

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