March 15, 2013

friday letters...6

Dear Friends,
I think I have been tired... too tired to think about clicking on over here, let alone write anything! But I am healing and doing well. Thank you for the happy thoughts and prayers and well wishes.  They pulled me through those gloomy moments!  Wednesday night at church, a sweet lady reminded me that this too shall pass.  Yes.  I am hoping that in two weeks I can put all of this behind me for a very long time! 

Dear Painted Buntings,
My neck is aching, as I keep whipping around to see if you have landed on the feeder again!  Your beauty is stunning and we have been so thankful for your visits! It has added some "special" to sitting around and healing!

Dear Camden,
You, oh you!  When you asked, I really wanted to say yes, but with all that has been going on, I knew that I would not be up to throwing any kind of party.  Thank you for understanding!  And I hope that you enjoyed yesterday as much as I did... my heart says that it was even better than a party!  And not only because we only ate pie all day! 

Camden really hopes you had a Happy Pi Day! 3.14.13

Dear Collier County,
Cam & I just wanted to let you know how much fun we had exploring!  I do forget what fun it can be to be a tourist in your own city... and yesterday you reminded me!  From trains to end of the pier, we enjoyed every bit!

Dear Mr. Anhinga,
What fun it was to spot you with that fish!  {But Suz says you really should chew your food!}

Dear Friday,
Now that you are here, I'd like you to last forever...



Southern Gal said...

Ethan ran to get his Peterson's Young Birder's Field Guide to look up your painted buntings and anhinga. We are fascinated with the buntings. An idea for his next bird drawing...

They say that true pi day will be on 3.14.15. Maybe two years will give me enough time to prepare. ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

"This too shall pass".....the truth is wonderful.
Those birdies are the cutest things ever. I keep looking at my feeders, but apparently you have better food?
No one does the Pie day like Camden!!! Love your friday letters; love you!

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