December 10, 2015

parties are one of my favorite things...

This has been a year of parties.
We had two Eagle Scout parties (plus one more I got to help out with for my friend's son!), and a graduation party... and as if that wasn't enough, once the boys took off for summer camp, I threw my own party, just for me. I had wanted to host it last year, but everyone was traveling. This year, it worked out perfectly, and some of my most favorite people spent Sunday afternoon at my house, laughing the day away.

There were ten of us... friends from all different parts of my life. Because I love to play (ahem, win) games, I wrote my own left-right game story about my friends, and how I had met them, what they have meant to me. I think I made it through without crying. The whole day felt like that moment when you are sitting around the table, surrounded by your people, getting ready to make that birthday wish... a moment which almost always brings me to tears. To love and be loved... it is such a precious gift.

And the favorite things? There were tubes of Burt's Bees, lotion & refreshing face cloths, a giant ziplock bag with a plastic box and multi-purpose tool, a set of brightly colored mini tongs, a wine stopper, hair clips, yankee candles, cupcakes, and the most clever? dinner in a bag! Everyone shared their story of why this was something that was their favorite, and that mostly led to more laughter.

Laughter? Yep.
One of my most favorite things.

I have another party to share with you... because I guess throwing four parties just wasn't enough fun!


Southern Gal said...

You're a party animal! I recognize one of those friends. ;) Just lovely. All of it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Renee stole my line! Party Animal. :)
It was such a fun party....perhaps my favorite one ever? Wait, the last one was my favorite.
Dang....I can't decide. I loved laughing with you and the others; the left/right game was so darn special. It felt so nice to be a part of something so wonderful.

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