September 22, 2016

hello fall...

I put out some fall decorations over the weekend, and when I sent Suz a quick picture, an absurd texting conversation ensued. We only wish that when a certain number of people hauled out their fall decorations that the temperatures would fall to reasonable. Today it is supposed to be two degrees above average. What is average? Apparently 90.

Most people will tell you that there is no fall in Florida, and I used to buy into that, but the past few years have changed my mind. We may not be treated to the colorful autumn display that our northern friends enjoy, but as I have walked the boardwalks and trails, I have seen the changing leaves cling to the branches, and when the sun sets, I have felt the occasional coolness set in. Last week, as we went over to watch the high school band practice, the air was downright heavenly. By November we should have daily beautiful air!

Camden is settled back into school in Iowa, and maybe he will send us some pictures of northern fall, but in the meantime, we will seek and enjoy the little bits of fall that Florida sends our way.



Mindy said...

Happy Fall Dawn! You are doing a fantastic job of appreciating the beauty right where you are. God does amazing work in his creation doesn't he? Have a great week friend. Nice to see your sweet face on FB :)

Southern Gal said...

Sometimes your place and my place are about the same. But tomorrow is supposed to be in the high 70's and I can't wait to feel it! I'm praying your fall will be splendid and extended. ;) Happy Fall, Friend!

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