February 08, 2017

life lately...

I'm trying to keep up with the days and collect the small ordinary moments that make up this beautiful life. I need to remind myself to capture more... because to look back on the little bits brings me joy.

1. We had an early morning breakfast meeting at the beach
and I simply could not NOT put my feet in the sand!

2. I bought my very first "sport" shirt! Now I'm all set in case
I get invited to another "green" basketball game!

3. I ordered Harry Potter house scarves for my kids for Christmas...in November.
They finally arrived last week...apparently on the slow boat from China. Literally.

4. Eric worked a steak cook-off just down the road, so a few of us
went out to eat steak while he stood guard at the ticket line! 

5. I love that every Do the Right Thing program has a theme! The office ladies
even decorate the tables. Now if we could just get them to put Eric's name in the program!

6. We took an outside table on a cold rainy Sunday morning...hot coffee and a warm blanket (provided on the chair!) were the perfect touches to watch the rain come down.

7. Anytime I can catch a glimpse of Cam on college social media it makes my day!!! That was the second photo of the day (they also posted one of his German class!)  Can you pick him out?

8. February wine club tasting...

9. And I finally put my hands to work with the skein of yarn Camden brought home from Iowa! 
p.s...still looking for Cam? He's the one on the left, side view!

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Southern Gal said...

I see him! I used to search for Rebekah when she was on her mission trips in Panama and Botswana. What a delight to catch a glimpse! Love the little it's and pieces you capture.

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