August 21, 2017

camping with a view...

It felt like it had been a while since we camped, and we were thrilled to book two weekends this past spring. The first was a "working weekend" of helping put on a super-fun Sweet Sixteen camp out for friends, which made the second weekend of camping even more glorious.

We returned to a spot we hadn't been to in years... just far enough away from home to feel completely away. Our sites backed up to a preserve, and when we situated tents and tables and kitchen, we felt like it was almost private. We barely noticed cars driving though the campground or little RVs backing in and out.

Eric & I set up the tent facing the preserve, and left the doors to the screen room unzipped, which meant we woke up to this...
It was the best of the outdoors while being snuggled deep into our sleeping bags.

After our afternoon hike and a shower to rinse off the first layer of camping dirt, I sat by the rail with my feet up. Hair damp, sun shining, and the view before me, I felt like I could have been in Africa. It didn't hurt that I have been reading an African Love Story...
We sat by the fire, we laughed, we played cards and Tenzi late into the night. A weekend out in the fresh air was just what we needed. It added life to our souls. And with the end of the summer heat nearly in sight (only 2 months away!) we are starting to plan a fall trip or two... before the snowbirds scoop up all the great camping spots!


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Southern Gal said...

Refreshing. It looks wonderful, Dawn. Glorious actually. I didn't think about all those who migrate to your part of the world for winter!

I'm looking up Tenzi. ;)

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