December 31, 2018

for the new year...

Goodbye old, hello new.
I remember when this number seemed impossible, a lifetime away, and now we are stepping into it with hopes and dreams, goals and perhaps a little bit of trepidation.
As we sit in the glow of 2018 we wonder...
What will this new year bring?
Will it be better than the last?
Have I made my goals too lofty, am I dreaming too big?

My wish for you... and me...
is that you feel the full breath of possibility.
That you feel your fears and and act anyway.
That you listen to what's calling you.
That you find the sacred in the ordinary.
And that love and kindness embrace your heart... always.
{I don't know who to credit for these words, but they fit me and I had to include them...}

Wishing you a lovely 2019 and beyond...

1 comment :

Southern Gal said...

What lovely words! Thank you for the inspiration. I hope this new year is full of love, growth and blessings. Happy New Year! Hugs.

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