April 12, 2009

easter joy

The sun has not quite begun its ascent into the sky this morning... and my little corner of the world is still full of dark shadow. But my heart knows. My heart knows that it is Easter. My heart can hear the fanfare of the trumpets, and the shouts of alleluia. My heart can see the banners rippling in the wind against the bright blue sky, and my heart can see how the lilies have turned their faces to the Son. Oh yes, my heart knows... knows that the tomb is empty... knows that He has risen... risen indeed.

The past forty days, or so, have been beautiful for me... even amidst the pain of the Crucifixion. I was travelling the road, hand in hand... with my Mom. Each reading brought questions, answers and growth. Some days brought on a shock of tears... along with revelation. But every day, there was love. Between us, among us, all around us... and always... for us. But in the moments that we realized the empty tomb, we were lost... lost in a love that nearly overwhelmed us. That He would pay this ultimate price... for me. For her. That God's promises are real. And I am full of thankfulness and joy. But today, I am missing my morning talk with my Mom. The anticipation of her email, and her question... the search for the answer. This journey has been perhaps the most beautiful Easter journey of my life... sharing something with my Mom that is so precious to me... and making our way across the rocky road together. As our devotion wrapped up yesterday, we both wanted... more. But perhaps on this glorious morning, all there is left to say, is simply... Happy Easter, Mom. I love you.


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Jen said...

Happy Blessed Easter to you and your family Dawn. I am glad this day has such an impact on you-I pray others will come to find the living Christ.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

That was so sweet-Happy Easter.

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