July 20, 2009

my camera

I love to take pictures... as a matter of fact, I usually have my camera in my purse. Wherever I go. It used to be a purse-buying qualification... my camera had to fit. But now, with my panda purse, everything fits. Including my camera.

I lucked into a great one. My Mom bought two Canon PowerShot S3IS (I don't know what that means) before going to Africa the first time. Yes... two. Just in case. Because she was pretty certain she wouldn't be able to run into Best Buy and replace her camera if need be. And since there were no major mishaps, when she got home... she shared. Oh yes... I have a great Mom. I do love this camera... even though I don't really know what it can do. I mean, I know it takes really great pictures of animals on safari, but beyond that, I'm a little clueless. And I haven't taken the time to read the manual. Thanks to Melissa at A Familiar Path, I now know just a tiny bit more about my camera... or at least what it can do. She is having a camera class on her blog. Oh, thank you Melissa, for saving me from the manual!

So, the first lesson was about not going Green. (No, Suz... not like that kind of Green... the automatic kind of Green!) I played a bit out in the yard with that little SCN setting... on foliage. Who knew that was even there? Certainly not me. I am anxious to hit the beach soon and use that little setting, too! For me, I had to take two identical photos and compare. Not that I am not trusting... I just wanted to be able to see the difference. So here we go...

The photo on the top is taken with my regular old green automatic setting... and the one on the bottom was taken with the SCN/foliage shot. Yep... I can see the difference. And I cannot wait until the lesson next week!


Melissa Stover said...

i am so excited you did that! isn't it fun to learn about your camera? now you know there is a difference.

so glad you linked up today. thanks for participating.

Mildred said...

I see the difference. Good for you - a great camera and lessons w/o the manual!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wow...great SHOT Dawn.
Well, since the mishap at Eric's party with MY camera...guess what I did on Sunday morning??? I got out my manual. I was appalled at how bad the pictures were and vowed NOT to let this happen again.
as far as going green....we need to talk about that some more...

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