April 21, 2010

almost everyday

I thought the memories would fade away... not be ever-present in my heart. But here they sit... and I am so glad for them. Happy to recall her smile. Her joyful, beautiful eyes. And the laughter that kept on going. She showed me that you can live life being yourself, and laugh off the ones who are determined not to let you. I wish there had more time... more laughter and more living. But the life she lived dances before my heart... almost everyday. A gift.


Busy Bee Suz said...

awww...you are such a sweet and caring friend. I am sure she is joyous to know how much she touched your life.

Richella Parham said...

A beautiful tribute! Are you writing about a friend who has moved away from your town, or moved on from this earth?

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

oh dawn ... this is beautiful and brings tears to my eyes.

i've read back to "sticky note" for the whole story ...

first, i'm so sorry for this loss of yours. but what a beautiful reminder you have ... and the view of a "gift" i love that.

i too find myself afraid to call people ... i really need to do it more often ... thank you for that beautiful reminder.

i lost my friend lori just this past september. i should be calling her husband more often, but i just don't. i feel like it's too raw, i don't know what to say. but isn't it better to say something?

thank you for this ...

Kelli said...

Friends are such a special gift! The memories that are shared are priceless!

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