April 11, 2010

look out world

It is rude to say I told you so... so I won't. But those judges were blown out of the water (or, rather, sea) by the girl's performance and props and scenery. And although I loved watching their skit, I loved watching them interact with the judges even more. The girls faces as they explained how they made such & such, and the judges obvious joy at not only the performance, but by the level of excitement the kids showed about how and what they did to get there. Char was explaining away something-or-other and her four extra shrimp arms were flapping right along with her two human arms. It made me giggle. And my daughter... who came out of the box shouting last time? She was even more confident this time. They didn't even bother trying to put her back in her box... she was as busy as a one-armed paper hanger behind the scenes creating sound effects, and then there she was, trying to scare the Wimpy Shrimpy, the GiantSquid/Pirate and the amazing tie-dyed Jelly.
In our hearts and mind, they should have won it all, but Silver will get you to the World Finals, too... and when you find out you are going to Worlds, the color of the medal barely matters. Truly.

It was getting late when we walked out of the arena... team, coaches and parents were all drained from the day, but on a high with that we're-finally-going-to-worlds kind of glow. Second place finish? Check. Silver Medal? Check. Trophy? Trophy?
Oh, Mr. Eric has it.
Just call him... my trophy husband.



Anonymous said...

Tell your daughter congratulations from a person in Iowa she's never met who was rooting her on just the same. AWESOME job ladies. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so wonderful...I am giddy as heck FOR them. For her.
Even for her trophy dad!!!!!
So, where and when is the world finals????
Tell her that her favorite (and smart) girl scout leader is very proud of her!!!

Corinne Cunningham said...

YAY!!!!! I'm SO excited for your daughter!!! Congratulations!!!!

dawn said...

that's awesome Dawn!!! Congrats to all!

And a trophy husband...that's truly beautiful.


Unknown said...

Kudos! those are some pretty medals!

Richella Parham said...

This is one time when it's just fine to say "I told you so." CONGRATULATIONS! What a joy! OM competitions are hard. . . so I'd say the silver medal is really something to be proud of! And to advance to Worlds. . . wow. Where will the World competition be held this year?

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